Web Hosting News Roundup: What happened in June?

Summer starts with burning web hosting newsBecause we’re hearing about acquisitions, expansions, next-gen solutions and new creations. So keep reading as we catch you infrastructure providers up with the most important web hosting news headlines this month.

1. Microsoft buys GitHub for $7.5 billion

For $7.5 billion, Microsoft acquired the web-based hosting service, GitHub, to offer devs more freedom, openness, and innovation opportunities. GitHub’s clients already include giants like Apple, Amazon, and Google, as developers use the service to work on projects, docs, and code. This union can open many opportunities, like new apps for Microsoft’s cloud-computing business.

Moreover, Microsoft invested considerably in open-source technology, which is right down GitHub’s alley. It can lead to better integration between Microsoft’s developer tools and the GitHub service. Not to mention, Microsoft uses the Git version control system for Windows development. And their developers exclusively use Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code.

Plesk is on GitHub too, by the way. And we also have a Plesk-Git integration, if you haven’t tried it yet. Check out what happens when Plesk meets Git.

2. Equinix announced 11th and largest DC in Tokyo

Equinix announced a $70M investment to build its largest data center yet, in the Ariake district of Tokyo. Thus, dealing with increased demand in the Asia-Pacific region. They’re also increasing their resilience and expanding overall output.

This is their 11th center in Tokyo, rightly named TY11. At first, it will house 1,000 cabinets. But eventually, it will increase to 2,800 cabinets. The new data center is Equinix’ latest effort to expand their presence in the Asia-Pacific. They’re doing this by building infrastructure that connects customers to multiple domestic and international carriers. Including the top cloud services providers.

3. GoDaddy announced next-gen VPS in India

Web hosting giant GoDaddy launched its high-performing Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting solution for devs and pros in India. Thus allowing them to improve performance – fast and easy. We hear the new VPS is a game-changer for those looking for a powerful, trustworthy web hosting solution. Because it lets devs get servers running in minutes. And since time’s money, this 4th-gen GoDaddy VPS hosting is invaluable to both web pros and small businesses.

The news is more significant as the company hit one million customers in India earlier this year. Therefore, making it more necessary for VPS to be accessible to developers in the country. The hosting solution will help them save time, while upping performance, giving a user-friendly interface, and top customer support.

The end of an eventful month in web hosting news

The web hosting world never fails to bring us interesting stories and developments. And 2018 is proving to be eventful, especially with takeovers and expansions happening all around. Tell us if we missed anything in the comments below. And look out for more web hosting updates from Plesk in July. 

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  1. nice info! So much development in web hosting service in june

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