More than 2,500 partners across the globe can’t be wrong!

Whether your business is related to cloud & hosting, web design, web and application development, software development, IT administration or any other digital services, a partnership with Plesk will enable you to generate additional revenues and take your business to the next level.

Plesk Partner Directory

Plesk Partner Program Overview

Plesk Reseller


Give your customers the ability to do what they cannot do today! Add Plesk as a layer on top of your infrastructure and generate the maximum ROI by powering solutions aimed at relevant target groups.

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Use Plesk to grow


Run many Plesk instances and Plesk Multi Server at lower costs for your solution offerings. Reduce server administration time, enable a rock solid server-to-site security and mass manage multiple WordPress instances.

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Plesk for Developers


Add your solution to our fast growing extension catalog giving you access to 2500+ hosting providers and thousands of web professionals around the globe. Extending your reach with Plesk is easier than you think.

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Plesk Partner Program

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