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NGINX Configuration Guide

NGINX configuration guide Plesk
NGINX is a web server designed for use cases involving high volumes of traffic. It’s a popular, lightweight, high-performance solution. One of its many impressive features is that it can serve static content (media files, HTML) efficiently. NGINX utilizes an…

403 Forbidden Error: What Is It & How To Fix It

403 errors Plesk blog
Does the term ‘403 forbidden’ seem familiar? It’s not just tech jargon; it’s a significant roadblock that can hinder your website’s performance. As a website owner, encountering this error can be particularly frustrating, especially when it restricts access to crucial…

Top 10 Webmail Clients in 2024

Top Webmail clients Plesk blog
Despite the rapid technological advancements of recent years, one thing remains clear: email is here to stay. Amidst the proliferation of new communication channels and the disruption of the AI revolution, email continues to stand tall as the backbone of…

Web Server Security – Beginner’s Guide

Web Server Security - Beginner's Guide - Plesk blog
Web server security is a broad term covering the processes and solutions that keep web servers secure. Web server security encompasses three elements: host, network, and physical. For example, a comprehensive firewall can protect network connections, while unauthorized users are…

MariaDB vs MongoDB: Which One To Choose?

MariaDB vs MongoDB: Which One To Choose? - Plesk blog
In this guide we will help you to understand better what is the difference between MariaDB and MongoDB. What is MariaDB? MariaDB, emerging in 2009, stands as a significant fork of the widely-used open-source database system, MySQL. The inception of…

PHP-FPM: The Future of PHP Handling

PHP-FastCGI Process Manager
PHP-FastCGI Process Manager (or PHP-FPM) is widely used on sites that use WordPress, a hugely popular content management system. PHP-FPM is a processor for PHP, one of the most common scripting languages, that enables WordPress sites to handle a greater…

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