Confused about the top open source control panels for 2018?

Here's a definitive guide to some of this year's leading open source control panels according to our experts.


9 Quick Wins to Optimize Your WordPress Site Today

Michiel Heijmans from Yoast tells us how to optimize Wordpress sites in 9 simple steps and get more organic traffic in the long-term.


How to Turbocharge Your WordPress Performance

Sobering fact: 25% of visitors will exit your page if loading time is over 4 seconds. So how do you optimize your page performance for users to see your content?


How to Set up Your WordPress Website Security

Dodge security attacks and minimize vulnerability when building WordPress sites. Here are your essential steps for a WordPress Website Security check.


Can SPF, DKIM and DMARC free you from junk emails?

The rise of junk mail has naturally mirrored the rise of the web. It’s true that anti-spam methods have grown in sophistication, filtering out more unwanted messages than ever before. But still [...]


Maximise Your SMB Opportunities With BaseKit

The size and value of the SMB Market is soaring – and it shows no signs of slowing down. However, small businesses face multiple challenges. Successfully setting up and running a small [...]


5 easy steps to become certified by Plesk

At Plesk, we believe in pairing exceptional technology with the knowledge to use these tools. That is why we have made all courses and certificates from Plesk University free for everyone. All [...]

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