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Introducing the SEO Toolkit
Improve your search engine rankings by testing, analyzing and monitoring, not just your website, but also your competitors’. We don’t miss any steps.

SEO Advisor
Get your new SEO buddy to dig up actionable insights on your site’s performance and hand it to you in one comprehensive task list.

Site Audit
Run the Site Audit to scan your site and validate each URL. You’ll get an Optimization Score based on best-known SEO rules and practices.

SEO Toolkit
Use this crafty tool to keep an eye on your domains and their current positions in popular search engines. Know where you stand to overtake competitors.

Log File Analyzer
Inspect all bot activity and store it all in one place. In your access logs, you can track what bots have crawled on your site, when and how often.

SEO Toolkit

Let Your Site Optimization Begin

Identify your SEO gaps

See how you’re doing
With SEO KPIs in place, you can have a look at how your site fares and compares online. The KPIs include the:

  • Search engine with the most rankings for your domain
  • Keywords you rank for
  • Overall number of rankings
  • Overall visibility of your site

We complete this stage by giving you a tangible idea of your online potential: The Visibility Score.

Discover your optimization potential
The SEO game is constantly evolving. So no matter how well your site‘s performing, you can always improve. Your next step? A Site Audit.

You’ll scan and get a comprehensive overview of your site‘s performance when it comes to its Content, SEO, and Technology. The ultimate goal is to achieve a 100% optimization level by fixing all the issues the Site Audit finds under each category.

SEO Toolkit - Site Audit
SEO Toolkit - SEO Audit

Analyze with our tools

Check off your SEO tasks
The SEO Advisor will provide a to-do list for you to optimize your performance score, based on your Site Audit and Visibility Score.

The list itself guides you top-down, starting from your most pressing issues. Ranging from duplicated content to defective links to missing H1s, H2s, and H3s.

Get indexed by crawlers
Bots or crawlers will crawl your site and pages to help search engines rank and index your site accordingly. That’s why we’ve integrated the Log File Analyzer for insights on:

  • URLs most frequently accessed and last accessed by the bot
  • All directories based on the crawled URLs
  • URLs which delivered a 3xx, 4xx or 5xx Error
  • User-Agents and the number of total crawls performed on your site

Track your optimization progress

Keep tabs on your competition
Improved your site’s performance but still not ranking as well as you should? Then check your competition.

Use the Rank Tracker to see each keyword’s individual performance and compare it directly to that of your competitors.

React to ranking changes quickly
The smart way to utilize your marketing budget and leave your competition in the dust. See how your most important keywords compare to your main competitors’.

Then target your marketing efforts based on how you rank. It’s the only way to act economically and make drastic performance improvements at the same.

Compare Free and Paid Plans

All listed features are available in the responsive web client and can be used from desktop and mobile browsers.

Max keywords per server
Crawl frequency
Site audit URLs
Log file analyzer

Let Your Site Optimization Begin

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