Plesk on Vultr

Why Plesk on Vultr
The Infrastructure Cloud™

Scale to a Personalised, Global Cloud
Vultr has strategically positioned 17 data centers around the world to bring us closer to major city centers.  The high-performing and reliable cloud computing platform lets you easily implement a cloud infrastructure with one click.
So now, launching a standardized cloud server environment in up to 17 cities around the globe has never been easier! Join over 100,000 customers and 12M deployed instances that Vultr hosts on their platform.

The Dedicated Cloud
There’s full “root” access and a dedicated IP address included with all VMs.
All available through an SSD-based, high-performance infrastructure. Or
alternatively via Vultr’s bare metal infrastructure – right from the

The One-click Apps
Vultr has one-click apps that allow you to quickly launch Plesk. In no time, you’ll be able to build, secure and run your websites and apps.

No Long-term Contracts
The standard for both Vultr and Plesk is hourly billing on products and services.

Globally Scalable Infrastructure
Spin up dedicated and/or multi-server environments to manage large-scale web projects. Or if you’re a digital agency or managed service provider, provision for multiple webspaces and subscriptions.

Default Rock-Solid Security
Protect your apps and sites automatically with the following extensions. Security Advisor, Free SSL with Let’s Encrypt, ServerShield by CloudFlare, Security Core with ModSecurity by Atomicorp, Backup Manager, Patchman CMS Vulnerability Patcher or Opsani Reliability and Vulnerability Scanner.

Site and App Workflows
Proven ability to deploy a domain, DNS, SSL, and simple PHP application in just a few minutes. Or even deploy a multi-service, multi-stack application at the same time.

Increased Productivity
Move from a release cycle from every quarter to deploying changes on a minute-by-minute basis. This also includes staging/cloning for WordPress.

Enhanced Agility
Ready-to-code environment with an intuitive interface and support for PHP, JavaScript, Perl, Ruby, Python, and Java. Deploy sites by pushing to a local Git repository or pulling from a remote one. Or run continuous delivery pipelines with Plesk Docker.

Combine Vultr and Plesk

Have Plesk’s power and Vultr’s versatility in seconds with tuned, secured and optimized images. Start free with the Web Admin Special Edition (SE) or go big with Web Pro or Web Host Edition.

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360Monitoring webinar Plesk

Complete site & server monitoring at your fingertips

Keeping tracking of your sites & servers is vital for success. We offer a solution that provides power and usability in a single platform.