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The most complete, secure and versatile toolkit for WordPress

WordPress Simplified
One-click installer to initialize and configure WordPress from start to finish. One dashboard to mass-manage multiple WordPress instances.

Stage and Test
Test new features and ideas in a sandbox before pushing them to production – No plugins required, no separate server needed.

Cut Out Complexity
Stage, Clone, Sync, Update, Migrate and other complex tasks executed with one click. No more stressed-out dev teams, no more high-risk activities.

Wordpress Toolkit

Secure Against Attacks
Hardens your site by default, further enhanced with the Toolkit’s security scanner. No security expertise necessary.

Run and Automate
Singularly or mass-execute updates to the WP core, themes or plugins. Monitor and run all your WordPress sites from one dashboard.

Simple, but not Amateur
Get full control with WP-CLI, maintenance mode, debug management, search engine index management and more.

Bring remote server instances
to your WP Toolkit management area

Clone and use AI to risk-check
WP updates before performing them.

Upgrade Your WordPress Experience

More about WordPress Toolkit

Synchronize changed data between two WordPress instances. If you have several WP instances on your server, you can copy the modified data between these instances. Site indexing Enable and disable search engine indexing on a per-instance basis.


Easy Installation
The one-click installer of WordPress Toolkit does everything from start to finish – downloads WP, creates a DB with a DB user, creates an admin account in WordPress and initializes WordPress so that it’s fully ready for use out of the box.

Staging Environment
With WordPress Toolkit you may clone your site and set up a staging environment for your experiments, new features and new ideas. Sync to production when you’ve ironed out the kinks and squashed the bugs.

Theme and Plugin Management
Quickly find and install a plugin or theme on a WordPress instance or several instances at once. Activate and deactivate plugins on a single or multiple WordPress instances. Bulk remove plugins and themes that are not needed.

Beta! WordPress Remote Management
WordPress Toolkit 4.0 now comes with a new beta feature: Remote WordPress Management. This feature allows you to bring any WordPress instances on remote Plesk servers to your current WordPress Toolkit Management Area.


1-Click Hardening
Scan all WordPress sites with Plesk to identify and protect your core installations, no manual work needed. Simply check the items you wish to harden, click “Secure”, and you’re done.

No security expertise needed
WordPress Toolkit security scanner goes beyond the basics and implements the latest security recommendations and best practices from WP Codex and WP security experts.


Backup and Restore points
If something goes wrong on your site, or you deploy something that breaks everything, Restore Points and backups allow you to restore your site back to its previous, pristine state.

Debug Management
Manage all important debug options in WordPress or manage debug options on a per-instance basis from a single interface.

Site Indexing
Enable and disable search engines not to index your site on a per-instance basis.

Maintenance Mode In WordPress Toolkit
Activate WordPress maintenance mode when updating WordPress, plugins, or themes with a single click.

Command Line Interface
Easy access WordPress Command line interface for all your WordPress instances. Import a database, create a new user, update themes and plugins in a flash using WP-CLI.

Get WordPress Toolkit in Two Flavors

WordPress Toolkit SE (Limited Features)WordPress Toolkit
Included with: Plesk Web Admin EditionIncluded with: Plesk Web Pro Edition & Plesk Web Host Edition
Install new WordPress instances
Add existing WordPress instances (Manual)
Migrate remote WordPress instances
Cloning a WordPress instance
Staging environment
Sync data between WordPress instances
Security CheckRead-onlyFull
1-click hardening of WordPressOnly instances installed via the ToolkitAll instances
Mass management of WordPress instances
Manage plugins & themes
Updates for WordPress, plugins and themesManual updatesAuto-updating
Maintenance mode management
Debug management
Password protection
Search engine indexing management

Upgrade Your WordPress Experience

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  • "A week ago I haven't even heard about Plesk. Now I thank the Plesk God every night! Awesome software!"

    Sune Miltersen
    Sune Miltersen WebSiteMakers

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