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Designed with your needs in mind, Plesk certification courses will guide you from being a novice to becoming an expert. Our comprehensive training courses will help you get most out of key features of Plesk, and help you build, secure and run your websites, applications and businesses.


Relevant knowledge
Courses are built with real-life scenarios, best practices, and use cases in mind.

Interactive and immersive courses
Engaging and varied activities guide you through the learning experience, allowing you to get a hands-on experience in a safe learning environment.

Choose your level
Learn the basics, become a professional, or study at the expert level.

Learn at your own pace
At home, at the office, or on the go – learn Plesk. Courses consist of 15-20 minute modules, which you can pause and resume at any time.

Plesk University


Challenging exams
After each milestone, you can take a challenging scenario-based Plesk certification exam.

Secure online testing
All exams are passed with a remote proctor, ensuring exam integrity and adding value to the certificate.

Prove your expertise
Set yourself apart from your peers. Print your certificate or share it online.

Plesk certification


Stop relying on support
Using the knowledge you acquire through Plesk University, you can solve technical issues yourself.

Avoid common mistakes
Using best practices, you can avoid common mistakes and make your Plesk experience smoother.

Increase customer retention
Make your customers happy by avoiding common problems and quickly solving technical issues.

With a Plesk University certificates confirming your expertise, you will have a better chance of getting a new job or a well-deserved pay raise.

Profit from learning Plesk products

Our courses and exams

We strongly believe that sharing our extensive knowledge about Plesk will benefit everyone.
That is why access to all courses and exams in Plesk University is free.

Plesk University - Solutions for Service Providers

Plesk Onyx Solutions for Service Providers

  • What is Plesk Onyx?
  • What Plesk Onyx can do?
  • Extensions
  • Licensing and Editions


Plesk University - For Professionals


  • Installation
  • Security
  • Services Provisioning
  • Backup and Restore


Plesk University Certification for Linux Experts

Linux Expert

  • Upgrade
  • Migration
  • Troubleshooting


Plesk University - For Windows Experts

Windows Expert

  • Upgrade
  • Migration
  • Troubleshooting


WordPress Toolkit

  • Deploy
  • Import
  • Security and updates
  • Staging and production
  • Plugin and theme packs
  • Auto-provisioning


Acronis Backup

  • System requirements
  • Installation
  • Backup plan
  • Backup and restore
  • Troubleshooting


Plesk University - Deploying with Git

Deploying Web Applications with Git

  • What is Git
  • How to use Git to pull a web site or a web application from a remote Git hosting
  • How to use Plesk for Git hosting


New! Get your Plesky Digital Badges too


We now issue digital badges for each Plesk Onyx course you pass. They’re easily verified in real-time.
Enjoy this simple and trusted way to share your skills and achievements online.

Companies that are Plesk Onyx certified

Verify certificates

All exams are completed with a remote proctor, who verifies the examinee’s credentials and monitors user activity during the exam.
This procedure guarantees the Plesk certification is only granted when fully earned.


What Our Students Say

  • Plesk training really offers many benefits to my colleagues. I think everyone working with Plesk should at least have looked through the training courses on Plesk University to learn how to help customers resolve technical issues faster.

    Niek Beernink
    Niek Beernink Linux Support Engineer / Oxilion
  • I feel I got a great value from the education I received in Plesk University. Additionally, the interface is clean and simple to navigate.

    Machen Mathews
    Machen Mathews Business Development / Limestone Networks
  • Good quality, free online Plesk training courses are valuable resources for self-study and self-support of Plesk powered servers.

    Igor Timofeev
    Igor Timofeev Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • I think the courses are very effective to learn many aspects of Plesk. I like the interactivity, the structure and the option to pass a final exam.

    Roger García
    Roger García CEO / CONCEPT TYC (Madrid, Spain)
  • Courses are well-documented with nice transitions and schemes. They make it quick and easy to learn more about Plesk.

    Thomas Suchon
    Thomas Suchon System Administrator / VirtuBox
  • Very informative and has helped me a lot when using Plesk at work.

    Morgan Burns
    Morgan Burns IT Apprentice / The PC Clinic (UK)
  • This kind of training and certification is great for companies like Axarnet. Please keep doing it this way by offering free certifications so we can increase our volume of users as a result of superb support for our customers.

    Andres Iniesta
    Andres Iniesta CSO / Axarnet Comunicaciones

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