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There’s a Plesk Edition for everyone

Plesk Web Admin Edition
is for basic management of simple websites and your domains, without the extended tools and features.

Plesk Web Pro Edition
is for those who need the full flexibility to build, secure and run highly optimized and customized websites. Get all the features, including the full WordPress Toolkit, to mass-manage and automate your projects.

Plesk Web Host Edition
for Web Hosters to customize, provision, and manage hosting businesses. Get maximum flexibility, access to the domain management tools, and the full WordPress Toolkit to support your multi-tenant, “install anything” business model.

Features Web Admin Edition Web Pro Edition Web Host Edition
Service Provider Management
Reseller management
Subscription management
Account management
User InterfaceDescription
Power user view (server + site admin)
Custom view management
User Features
WordPress Toolkit SE Only (Limited features edition)
Developer pack (PgSQL, MSSQL, Tomcat, ColdFusion)
Plesk mobile manager
Security Features
Security Core with ModSecurity Rules by Atomicorp
ServerShield by CloudFlare
Outbound antispam
Email antivirus
Domains and Use Case Up to 10 domains Up to 30 domains
Unlimited domains

  – Included      – Not included      – Optional add-on

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