Which VPS Control Panel is right for you?

We’ve firmly established the VPS control panel (Virtual Private Server) as an important component in the web hosting landscape. For web hosting admins and end-users, it’s been a blessing to centrally manage every website on their server. This simplified account management helps avoid the tedium of performing the same essential tasks on different systems every day. 

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But as with any good idea, everyone wants in on the action. Same happened here. Competition has given rise to a rapid increase in the number of control panels on the market. With some even beginning to specialize in particular hosting environments. 

To help you find the solution that’s right for you, let’s take a look at HSPcomplete, Plesk, and cPanel. These are the 3 control panels users most often go for in Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting.

Plesk Onyx

Award-winning Plesk garnered its accomplishments from exemplary abilities in VPS and shared hosting environments.  Plesk’s superior VPS control panel can install and handle all the systems and applications you might need to host on a single VPS server. With its great versatility and scalability, Plesk users can even expand and manage anything up to thousands of virtual hosts on one server. It’s customizable to meet customer requirements and truly offers users an impressive VPS control panel.

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HSPcomplete is a lightweight piece of software that provides a single UI to help users manage their VPS hosting account. Its main selling point is that it’s simple to use. But it does also offer a comprehensive array of useful features. Overall, HSPcomplete is a competent VPS control panel offering great reliability. The let down is having less functionality than you need to successfully manage reseller accounts.


cPanel has also received award recognition for its performance as a leading VPS control panel. It trails Plesk in second place, although quite a lot of web hosts and users have adopted it due to its clean interface and rich variety of features. The UI is simple to use, allowing even beginners to get up and running relatively quickly.  However, there’s a disadvantage to its icon-based approach compared to the templates used in the control panels above. Because it tends to be resource-hungry and place greater demands on disk space.  

Our VPS Control Panel Recommendations

It can be challenging to find a clear winner when auditioning for the ideal VPS panel solution, so let’s try and make it simpler.

The cPanel/WHM (Web Host Manager) will always be a good choice thanks to its simplicity, but its weighty footprint and icon-heavy interface design slow it down compared to the other VPS control panels. cPanel is certainly adequate on a VPS front, but it might not offer the same high level of performance that a VPS control panel like Plesk Onyx can give.

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In the end, the right control panel is the one that best suits the individual, and individual choice is of course very subjective. The best way to manage your virtualized environment or typical hosting arrangement is to try out the solutions and see which one you like most. You should be to able to find live demos of all these packages to give them a test drive.

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