Web Hosting News: The latest for October

In this month’s web hosting industry news, we find out why serverless environments may dominate within the next decade. Then, Alibaba Cloud launches its second data center in India. Exabytes Group acquires Malaysia’s HostPro2U, while Volkswagen and Microsoft develop a cloud computing platform. Finally, many expect that tariffs imposed on server products will not affect data centers in North America.

Serverless may dominate within the next decade

Serverless infrastructure environments may become the next big thing in enterprise technology deployments in the next 10 years. At least, according to a new report by Leading Edge Forum, a global research and thought leadership organization. We expect the global serverless computing market to reach $19.26 billion by 2025, as stated by ResearchAndMarkets.com in another report.

Leading Edge Forum’s report lists various benefits of serverless, including an almost 70% increase in development speeds. And that it allows enterprises to build and run applications without server management or administration.

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New data center in India hopes to leverage opportunity for Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud shall be expanding its reach in India by establishing its second data center in Mumbai. For its launch, the Alibaba Cloud Mumbai data center will only provide Elastic Computing Service (ECS) and Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) services.

The product portfolio is expected to include database, network, and application services, as well as big data analytics. “India presents a unique growth opportunity with digital transformation set to add close to $154 billion to India’s GDP,” stated Alex Li, General Manager, Alibaba Cloud India.

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Exabytes acquires Malaysian hosting provider HostPro2U

Exabytes Capital Group, an e-commerce and cloud solutions provider in Southeast Asia, announced its third acquisition for 2018. With the Malaysia-based website hosting provider HostPro2U.

HostPro2U has over 10 years experience in the website hosting industry. Since its launch in 2001, it has specialized in providing cloud hosting services and helping SME grow their businesses online. Its products include domain name registration, business web and email hosting, cloud hosting managed cloud backup and SSL web certificate. There’s also instant web design and other related services.

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Volkswagen and Microsoft develop cloud computing platform

Volkswagen has teamed up with Microsoft in order to develop a cloud network that tackles the challenges of data storage requirements. That’s of car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure communication.

The cloud network in question, or the ‘Volkswagen Automotive Cloud’, will feature in VW’s future lineup of automobiles. The technology will offer features like home connectivity, a personal digital assistant, predictive maintenance service, media streaming, updates, and upgrades. We expect the network to go live in 2020.

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Data centers in America to keep similar cost of servers

With threats of steep tariffs on Chinese goods, including server imports, Taiwanese server makers are considering relocating. Their production facilities will be back in Taiwan, according to the latest report by DRAMeXchange, a division of TrendForce.

There will be tariffs of 10% on Chinese products like servers, server modules, motherboards and network switches. Server makers are thus forced to relocate in order to minimize any repercussions to their businesses.

Although North American markets contribute to roughly 40% of global server demand, the new round of tariffs may have limited impact on North American data centers. Because measures have been taken to limit these impacts.

Read full story here.


  1. Alibaba is by far the largest virtual market site in the world

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