Exploring Plesk’s Added Value Solutions So Far in 2023

As we continue to aim to lead web hosting management to new heights, 2023 saw the introduction of a series of innovative features and improvements aiming to enable you going forward into the digital landscape. Let’s have a look together at the added-value solutions from 2023.

Sitejet Builder: Empowering Stunning Website Creation

One of the standout additions to Plesk in 2023 is the Free Sitejet Builder. This integrated website editor offers a modern solution for easy website creation. With 140+ website templates and an AI-based Text Generator, it’s designed to simplify your website-building process. Sitejet Builder is not only beginner-friendly but also suitable for web and system administrators, e-commerce businesses, SMBs, and marketing professionals.

The Sitejet Builder seamlessly integrates with the Plesk control panel, allowing users to create websites in just a few minutes. As Partners and resellers you can also enhance your product offerings by including the Sitejet Builder for Plesk in your lineup. It’s a win-win for both users and businesses, streamlining website development and expanding service offerings.

Note that the Free Sitejet Builder should be pre-installed. In case this is not, the Plesk admin can install by quickly navigating to the Extensions menu.

Website Performance Booster: Lightning-Fast Speed and Total User Satisfaction

Website performance is a critical factor in user satisfaction, search engine rankings, and competitiveness in the online market. Plesk understands this, which is why we’ve introduced the Website Performance Booster. This feature significantly improves website speed, with a 32% boost for WordPress sites and a 16% improvement for other websites hosted on Plesk.

Optimized resource utilization, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced server efficiency are the hallmarks of this feature. With the Website Performance Booster, site owners can provide a superior browsing experience to their visitors, ultimately leading to increased user engagement and better online visibility.

Cloudflare Integration with Plesk (Beta): Streamlined DNS, Robust Security, and Streamlined Workflows for Webmasters

Plesk’s upcoming integration with Cloudflare is set to simplify DNS record management and enhance website security. This integration allows for importing DNS records from Cloudflare to Plesk and synchronizing changes between the two platforms.

Users are now able to use Cloudflare DNS as an alternative to the local DNS on the Plesk server, offering increased security and robustness. Furthermore, DNS zone synchronisation becomes automated, meaning that users don’t need to manage DNS with Cloudflare for other domains hosted on Plesk. 

Additionally, it automates the renewal of Let’s Encrypt wildcard SSL certificates and enables easy creation of subdomains within Cloudflare.

Overall, Cloudflare integration with Plesk empowers users by providing simplified DNS synchronization, enhanced website security, effortless subdomain management, and smoother workflows. It’s a valuable addition that makes website management more efficient and secure.
You can learn more about this integration here.

Cloudflare blog Plesk

Core Features Upgrade: WP Toolkit, and more

The Plesk WP Toolkit now offers modern REST API integration, making it much easier to integrate with a majority of WP Toolkit functions. Users can also tag sites with custom text labels, allowing for improvements in terms of  organization and visibility. Additionally, email notifications from WordPress can now be turned off, providing a more streamlined experience for administrators.

In addition to the Plesk WP Toolkit we now offer:

  • Laravel Toolkit: To manage Laravel sites like a Pro, we developed the Laravel Toolkit with the support from Laravel developers.
  • .NET Toolkit: To effortlessly run your Windows .NET app on Linux.
  • Node.js: To simply bootstrap your NodeJs project within few minutes.

Core Features Upgrade: Plesk Firewall

Enhanced security is a top priority, and Plesk gladly delivers with an improved firewall. This feature offers both simplified configuration management, and mass management capabilities. It allows administrators to block access to the panel and websites for entire countries, boosting security in return. Importing and exporting firewall rules also make it easy to configure multiple servers, and central management simplifies administrative tasks.

Firewall helps Linux server security - Plesk

Core Features Upgrade: Enhanced WebDev Instruments

Plesk continues to introduce new toolkits specifically tailored for site owners and agencies. These toolkits align with various workflows, offering GUI access directly from the control panel. Tight integration with Git streamlines deployment options, thereby simplifying complex development tasks. Users can simply create, configure, and manage Laravel websites, host .NET sites on Linux servers, and run Node.js applications with ease.

These enhancements to some of our core features simplify web development while boosting productivity, and delivering exceptional value for all.

Plesk Available for ARM Servers: Cost Saving and Eco-Friendly Hosting with Unrivaled Performance

Plesk’s support for ARM servers offers significant advantages, including up to 40% cost savings for hosting providers. This support is not merely about affordability; it also promotes eco-friendliness through reduced energy consumption, and a lower carbon footprint.

ARM-based servers are known for their efficiency, and Plesk’s support for this architecture empowers VPS owners to achieve substantial savings without sacrificing performance along the way. This aligns with the global trend of ARM chip adoption, supported by prominent partners like Hetzner, Scaleway, OVH, AWS, and Oracle. Plesk stands as the world’s sole control panel offering support for ARM servers, positioning it as an industry leader in this space.

Note that Plesk supports Ubuntu 22 LTS  ARM, and the full list of supported OSes can be found here.


CentOS Elevate Project: A Seamless Server Transition

With CentOS 7 going end of life in mid-2024, server administrators face the challenge of transitioning to a supported operating system they can trust. Therefore, Plesk has developed the CentOS Elevate Project to facilitate a smooth in-place server transition from CentOS 7 to AlmaLinux 8. This automated process ensures ongoing security, stability, and compatibility for websites and applications. It’s a scalable solution suitable for service providers managing large server infrastructures.

Modern Sophos Anti-virus: Advanced Email Security, Efficiency, and Compatibility

Plesk introduced the Modern Sophos Anti-virus extension, offering a robust solution for mail server protection, and a paid alternative to KAV and DrWeb . Sophos Anti-virus is efficient, equipped with advanced detection capabilities, and features low resource usage. With cloud-based live protection, it provides reliable email security for administrators and mailbox owners. Notably, it’s the only mail antivirus solution compatible with ARM-based servers, reinforcing its uniqueness and innovation in the market.

Sophos Anti-Virus for Servers

Embrace the Future with Plesk

As we move forward, we continue to prioritize your needs, innovate relentlessly, and maintain open and transparent communication. Your trust in Plesk is greatly appreciated, and Plesk looks forward to continuing the partnership. If you have any questions or need further information about Plesk’s roadmap for 2023, please refer to our dedicated FAQ pages for store customers and partners. You can also reach out to your account manager or our customer support team.

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