Unveiling Sitejet Builder: The Perfect Match for Your Effortless Website Creation Needs

We at Plesk strive to provide a kick-ass ecosystem with compatible and rich products to let you build and manage your online empire, all in a single dashboard. To make that happen, we just launched the all-new Sitejet Builder, the latest (and free!) addition to our Plesk family! Seamlessly integrated into your Plesk control panel, Sitejet Builder lets you create stunning websites without coding skills or sacrificing valuable time. Best of all, it’s available for FREE with any Plesk license. How awesome is that?! 

Effortless Website Creation, No Coding Required! 

Who said you need to be a coding genius to create pixel-perfect websites? Sitejet Builder simplifies website creation to the point where even your grandma can whip up a stunning site in minutes.  

Say goodbye to complex code and hello to an intuitive drag & drop editor. Effortlessly arrange elements, tweak layouts, and customize to your heart’s content. It’s like having a design genie at your disposal, granting your web design wishes without the hassle. 

Unlock Your Creativity with Pixel-Perfect Templates 

Need a little inspiration to kickstart your web design journey? Sitejet Builder offers a vast collection of professionally designed templates (140+ ready-made templates, to be exact). These pixel-perfect templates cater to various industries and niches, providing you with a solid foundation for your website. Choose a template that resonates with your vision, and watch it come to life with your unique customizations. 

Showcase Your Brand’s True Colors with Corporate Identity Detection

We know how important brand identity is to your business. That’s why Sitejet Builder goes the extra mile with its Corporate Identity Detection feature. Upload your logo, and Sitejet Builder analyzes it to suggest and deploy your brand’s color scheme across the entire website 

Put guesswork and inconsistency into your rear-view mirror. With Sitejet Builder, your website will truly reflect your brand’s identity, creating a cohesive and professional online presence. 

Create Content Like a Pro! 

Need help creating compelling content? Sitejet Builder’s on-page editor features the Text Generator, an AI-driven assistant that helps you create and embed text directly onto the page. No more writer’s block but engaging copy that grabs attention. 

Make use of dynamic content collections to engage your users with interactive and personalized content. Create dynamic blogs using carousels and sliders or product listings to drive conversions. 

But an image says more than a thousand words, so we got free stock photos and videos for you to bring even more life to your page.

SEO Superpowers 

Talking about online success: Conquer Google’s search results to drive traffic and turn visitors into customers! SEO can be super complex and requires technical know-how, right? Right. But don’t worry about hiring an SEO Specialist just yet. Sitejet Builder comes with built-in SEO settings that’ll make sure it’ll be love at first crawl for search engines, too. From meta tags to snazzy URLs, from code reduction to image compression and lazy loading, you’ll have top-ranking websites that attract more visitors than a sale at a donut shop. 

Seamless Integration for Flawless Workflows 

Switching between different platforms and interfaces can be a real productivity killer. That’s why we’ve integrated Sitejet Builder seamlessly into your Plesk control panel.

No more jumping through hoops or wasting time navigating unfamiliar environments. Everything you need is right at your fingertips within the Plesk ecosystem: hosting, security, and website building. It’s like having your web design and management tools neatly organized in a single toolbox, providing a smooth and efficient workflow from start to finish. 

Love At First Click 

…and all it needs really is that first click! Sitejet Builder comes pre-installed and ready to go (Plesk 18.0.55 for new instances and Plesk 18.0.56  for existing instances), so you can start building those beautiful websites immediately.  

Simply click Add Domain in your Websites & Domains page in Plesk and click Sitejet Builder in the Add Domain Wizard

Sitejet Builder & Plesk: Like Peanutbutter & Jelly 

Creating and publishing websites with Sitejet Builder for Plesk has never been easier or faster. No more coding headaches and time-consuming processes. Embrace the power of an intuitive, drag & drop on-page editor that enables you to design pixel-perfect websites without any coding skills. No time wasted; no headaches induced. And did we mention that it’s free?! 

We’re taking the next step towards a comprehensive and centralized ecosystem by adding Sitejet Builder to the Plesk experience. We believe this free addition is perfect for making Plesk even better, all at a fair price. It’s like having a harmonious relationship between peanut butter and jelly – they just go together, you know?

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