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WHD.RACING! Castles, cars and cellos!

Maximum super power under the hood. Total control in your hands. They say with great power comes great responsibility.  On the weekend of 15 -16 June 2016, the fabulous crew behind World Hosting Days gave us a taste of mega power.  Imagine our delight: Plesk’s CTO and I were among the lucky few invited to a […]

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Plesk 12.5 to 17 – A matter of dyscalculia @Plesk?

Long, long time ago we released Plesk 1.0 and just continued counting the versions and redevelopments in the following years. 2015 has been the year of the Plesk 12.5 launch and the upcoming release has to be Plesk 13, no doubt. Really? The new preview has arrived! Plesk lovers and followers are already enjoying access […]

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