Migrate to Plesk on AWS from Plesk, cPanel or DirectAdmin

Why migrate to Plesk on AWS? Amazon Web Services is the cloud computing platform by Amazon.com, offering over 90 key infrastructure services such as computing power, storage options, networking, [...]


6 killer KPIs (and free templates) to regrow your lazy cloud business

Too busy to revive your inconsequential business? Everybody in IT is busy these days. But when you say cloud, SaaS (Software as a Service) or hosting service providers, ¨booming¨ is more like it. [...]


WHD.RACING! Castles, cars and cellos!

Maximum super power under the hood. Total control in your hands. They say with great power comes great responsibility.  On the weekend of 15 -16 June 2016, the fabulous crew behind World Hosting [...]

Plesk 12.5 to 17 – A matter of dyscalculia @Plesk?