Next Level Ops Podcast: Plesk’s Francisco Carvalho Gives the Scoop on the Partner Program

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Hello Pleskians! We’re back with another episode of the Official Plesk Podcast: Next Level Ops. This week, Superhost Joe sits down with Francisco Pereira Carvalho, the Head of Sales at Plesk. As the Pleskian Wizard for Partner Experience, Francisco gives us the details about Plesk’s Partner Program.

Success Comes from Knowing How Different Countries Do Business

Partners Program Visual

It’s the second episode of the Official Plesk Podcast: Next Level Ops. Joe and Francisco discuss essential details about the Partner Program. As well as the myriad of factors to consider when working with different partners. “We have over 1,600 partners globally.”, mentions Francisco. The essence of successful partnerships is to understand what’s important for partners in different countries and regions. “What we would like to do is to give people and entrepreneurs who would like to start a business an easy and intuitive tool to integrate into their workflow and systems.”, says Francisco.

“What we would like to do is to give people and entrepreneurs who would like to start a business an easy and intuitive tool to integrate into their workflow and systems.”


Key Takeaways

  • Who can apply? Businesses in need of more than 5 licenses can consider being part of the Plesk Partner Program. You can take advantage of high-level support and discounts.
  • Are there success stories? There are lots of partner success stories. Many partners started as solopreneurs and swiftly grew to become strategic partners. You can read our latest partner success story here.
  • What are the benefits? Partners benefit from an easy and intuitive tool to integrate into their workflow. Fast support is a given – and provided in 7 languages. Our team takes into account the needs of partners belonging to different cultures.

It’s time to hit the play button if you want to hear the rest. Join Joe and Francisco as they talk about what it takes to become a Plesk Partner, the benefits of the program, and how it can help you. You can also listen to the episode directly on Simplecast.

The Official Plesk Podcast: Next Level Ops Featuring

Joe Casabona

Joe is a college-accredited course developer. He is the founder of Creator Courses.

Francisco Pereira Carvalho

Francisco is the Head of Sales at Plesk.

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Hostripples Q&A: Keeping Affordable, Flexible Hosting Plans and More

Hostripples Q&A: Keeping Affordable, Flexible Hosting Plans and More - Plesk Partners

A control panel is a lifesaver for a hoster, and though there are many to choose from, the hosting brand, Hostripples, chooses Plesk. Hostripples are a Plesk partner popular in India and USA which contributes the company’s success to Plesk’s control panel. Sanjay Jadhav, CEO and co-founder of Hostripples and SARPS Technologies, says that initially they were drawn to Plesk for its OS-agnostic properties. Now it offers more. So I asked Sanjay about his hosting company, alliance with Plesk and what this has changed in their hosting offerings.

What can you tell us about Hostripples?

hostripples- Plesk partner

Hostripples was established in 2013 with the aim to support start-ups with the best industry standards at an affordable cost. We trained our skilled support team to help set up web projects on different technologies. And we believe we have the best environment as it includes CloudLinux Security, Anti-DDOS protection, SSL, SiteLock, Malware Scanner, and proactive monitoring. We’re compatible with any OS and have IPv4 and IPv6 included.

Most of our customers have dedicated servers because they love the quality hardware and performance it comes with. Of course, the setup and maintenance need solid Technical support and 24×7 availability. So this is where we believe we exceed customer expectations. We also do shared hosting and have a Cloud VPS range. Overall, we aim to offer the complete package for site security, availability, flexibility, and tech support.

How do you keep plans affordable without compromising on quality?

shared-hosting-vs-dedicated-hosting-costs Plesk

Before considering the price factor of the product, we must evaluate the usability of the product that we serve to the customer. With a great control panel like Plesk, users get the best experience of handling the website function and bug-free operations. This allows customers to focus on the business rather than spending time in understanding the control panel and its functioning. Balancing the features and website packages, we managed to keep affordable prices for each product.

Our Support team ensures that each customer who requests for the support gets the solution for the query within a timely manner irrespective of the level of the package it holds. Hostripples bases packages on the Hosting – Joomla, WordPress Magento, Drupal, and so on. This ensures each package is built the same way for best user experience and flawless website operations.

What are the benefits of Plesk for Hostripples and your clients?

Business Benefits

Hostripples India certainly supports and recommends Plesk for developers and hosting providers. It’s flexible and universally compatible, with great safety features and billing applications to help you get business done. This has enabled Hostripples to come up with the best features and best prices in the industries.

Plesk’s automation and customization abilities have allowed us to mold our hosting plans according to our customers’ requirements. Even our customers have shown a positive approach towards Plesk and feel like they have complete control over their websites.

Great User Interface and Architecture

Plesk GUI is very simple and user-friendly, even for non-technical users. And the architecture includes extensions which provide super-fast delivery of new features.

Security and Stability

Security is one of the primary selling factors for Plesk. Plesk manages both web server security as well as account-level security, and Two Factor Authentication.

Easy Migration and Support

Plesk control panel makes it easier to move accounts compared to the other control panels. They also offer assisted migration and other technical support in many languages. Including Russian, French, Spanish, Japanese and German.

WordPress Compatibility

Plesk also comes with a WordPress Toolkit that allows you to manage your WordPress sites and instances easily and automatically. With the most popular and advanced tools and features, supported by the WordPress community.

Upcoming dream projects/plans for Hostripples

Currently, Hostripples servers are located in 17 countries, and plans are to expand in other countries too. We’re also focusing on providing reliable hosting services at minimum cost. So even small businesses can get online and expand worldwide with our cheap hosting solutions.

Do you agree with Sanjay from Hostripples? Share your experiences with Plesk and other control panels in the comments below.

Simple Tips on Social Media For Web Hosting

Social Media Tips For Web Hosting Industry

Social media is one of the most accessible ways to engage with your target audience and build your online presence. It’s also one of the most cost-effective ways to market and promote your business and brand. The hosting industry is no exception – however, it is very specific. Therefore, you have to be careful when choosing the right social media channel for your business. To help you out, here are our top social media tips for web hosting.

To select the right social platform to focus on, you’ll need to find out where your followers are. If you don’t have any social media presence yet, check where your customers are more likely to be. Where do they get information about similar services and products? And where will they probably advertise their own services? From our experience, the best channels for hosters to reach out to their audiences are Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook.

Why Use Social Media for Your Web Hosting Business?

1. Making a Good Impression

Firstly, your potential customers will search for some feedback about your services and end up on your social media pages. They will most probably ask some sales-related questions. You can take the opportunity to answer these frequently asked questions even if your salesperson is not around. Communication during the sales process gives a potential client an idea of what they can expect from your support afterwards. So be sure to make a good first impression.

2. Support and Problem-solving

Similarly, you can offer ‘support’ through your social media questions by communicating and redirecting complaints and questions accordingly. You should keep the comments you received and their replies as a public record of your commitment to your customers. Proof that that you pay attention to and solve their problems. Often it will be them checking on a pre-existing issue, verifying that they haven’t actually been ignored.

3. Encourage Brand Positivity

Our advice is to give questions priority when you spend time on your web hosting social media marketing efforts. Because customers who voice problems on social are also the ones more likely to publicly sing your praises. By showing interest and communicating honestly, you can turn an unhappy client into a brand ambassador.

4. Advertising

Social media should be part of your go-to market strategy. After, you launch a new product or service, you should Facebook post or tweet about it to inform your customers. Not just of your product but of the benefits they may get. Social media is a tool to leverage your original content, solidify your brand awareness, as well as to obtain more visibility.

How to Use Social Media for Web Hosting: Tips

1. Set a Social Media Intention

What are your goals for using social media for your web hosting business? Do you wish to boost sales? Awareness? Build a reputation? Maybe you want to acquire new customer leads or keep your existing ones happy. Setting up a clear long-term intention helps you establish why you’re doing it for more effectiveness.

2. Create a Proper Social Media Calendar

Content is king. And as we mentioned earlier, social media platforms are great boosters for your original content. This is why you should optimize all your marketing materials, content and posts for your social channels, adjusting where necessary to meet your audience’s expectations.

3. Build Communities Around Your Brand

You can do this by asking for feedback and reactions on social media, then replying in a timely manner. We recommend you read and comment on other web hosting forums and blogs too – to show your presence. Or maybe even share that content on your channels with your own added point of view. Not only to boost your community’s efforts and create awareness, but also to potentially start a positive conversation.

This is what we do at Plesk. Because our partners are the core of our business and industry, we make sure to highlight their efforts on a regular basis. Show your partners the support they deserve and send the message that you can all succeed on a larger level.

Insercorp and Plesk: Putting the End-user First for Mutual Success

One of our endeavours at Plesk is giving web professionals more control over their website and business growth. However, it’s equally important to offer a solution that makes this easier for them. That’s why we decided to check in with our clients at Insercorp to see if and how Plesk is meeting these needs.

Meet Tim Bradshaw – the man behind Insercorp. A reputable brand catering to key requirements of new digital entrepreneurs. Be it hosting, designing, development and content management needs with its proprietary CMS – iPlasmaCMS2. He’s been awarded a distinguished position among the 100 entrepreneurs in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Tim talks about Insercorp’s journey, iPlasmaCMS2, and the strong relationship between Plesk and Insercorp.

Tim Bradhsaw - Insercorp

Tim’s and Insercorp’s story is an inspiring one. From humble beginnings as a self-funded start-up in the Franklin Business Incubator, to becoming one of the top 100 Entrepreneurs in 2012.

Tim Bradshaw and Insercorp: An entrepreneurial journey

I started the business in September 2007 after stepping away from being a Publisher at the GamePlasma Network. This was a network of websites and online communities in the Interactive Entertainment Industry, which I founded in 2003. I wanted to utilize my experience and skills to provide professional website design, development, and hosting solutions for an emerging market.

“Starting the business with $100, a laptop, and no outside investments or loans was a challenge. But nothing great in life comes easy.”

Since the beginning, we’ve reinvested all our profit into developing our CMS. Also, in strengthening both our operations and infrastructure, and supporting our local and regional communities. The first years were about establishing a market foothold, building client and partner relationships, and developing procedures and policies.

We then launched our proprietary Content Management System, the next several years centered around diversifying our portfolio. We did this by expanding our clientele, improving user experience, and developing modules to allow iPlasmaCMS2 to serve any purpose. For the past five years, we continued evolving our product to prepare for critical mass.

Our philosophy was building within our means while exceeding the expectations of our clients. Allowing for slow but steady growth without overextending. We’ve continued to work towards our goals every day, adapting as needed.

Small Business Benefits of iPlasmaCMS2

We created iPlasmaCMS2 on three pillars: Secure, Intuitive, and Scalable. Built for performance and SEO optimization – regularly passing Google Lighthouse Audits.

Security: Clients know their websites are running 24/7 and their data is safe without having to worry about WordPress updates or data loss from hackers. We keep the CMS regularly updated through security risk mitigation. Detecting and patching vulnerabilities before they become a threat.

Intuitive: Our interface makes it easy for non-technical users to add/update info on their websites in real-time. Reducing the need for developers, saving both time and money.

Scalability: iPlasmaCMS2 websites can serve any purpose, from basic, informational websites to complex info-systems with robust databases or e-commerce.  Integration with third-party APIs, widget support, and dynamic content makes it all easy.

Insercorp Managed Plesk servers with Dedicated and Cloud options make for a truly scalable platform. Our clients only pay for what they need. As their needs grow, their websites grow with them.

Why Insercorp provides iPlasmaCMS2 exclusively on Plesk-powered servers

Web Development companies wanting a more secure, user-friendly, customizable solution to WordPress can offer Insercorp’s iPlasmaCMS2 through Insercorp-managed Plesk servers. iPlasmaCMS2 has gained traction as a more secure open-source CMS substitute, especially with government and health organizations, and small businesses.

We developed iPlasmaCMS to work with Plesk since its inception.  Our solution allows for integration of completely custom designs to allow for unique user experiences and branded website interfaces. The iPlasmaCMS2 Control Panel user interface has evolved over the years based on user feedback. We’re currently planning a Plesk extension for iPlasmaCMS2 too.

 Aside from the familiarity of Plesk’s intuitive interface I’ve always been fond of its customization abilities, providing a sense of ownership. Taking advantage of Plesk’s built-in security, DNS management, extensions, and optimizing settings allows us to efficiently deploy and manage code as a scalable solution. As Plesk evolves, we adapt and evolve with it.

“Both Insercorp and Plesk put the end user first, with a focus on quality service and reliable support.”

Over the years we’ve seen continuous improvements in the user experience as well as the technical capabilities of Plesk. Something we strive to provide in our own web-based website management solution.  Making it easy for clients to keep up with their ever-changing technological demands in areas of performance, security, and scalability.

Community events as a major Insercorp objective

It’s part of our mission to improve local communities by giving back through in-trade sponsorships, volunteering, and cash contributions. I value the relationships we’ve been able to forge through developer conferences and cultural events. Our support has allowed our community partners to reach larger audiences than they would have otherwise. Providing the right expertise or budget for this is very gratifying.

In turn, we also get experience developing successful event marketing and communications strategies, and the opportunity to strengthen our own brand awareness.

The reason professional services rule over free/low-cost options

Many of our clients have tried cheap DIY options or WordPress. They hence understand the value we offer and love our solution. However, at the end of the day, I believe it’s our personalized, custom approach that clients recognize.  I treat each project as if it’s my own business – “it’s all in the details”.  We build solutions for end users and we see our clients’ growth as a result.

“In September 2019, we celebrated 12 years in business. “

While there have been many ups and downs along the way, we are well-established in our market. The key is to set high bars and continuously reinvent our approach and procedures. We grew from mistakes and failures, while pivoting off victories and successes.

The Challenges Our ANZ and Americas Hosting Partners Are Facing

The Challenges Our ANZ and Americas Hosting Partners Are Facing - Plesk

My work travels recently took me to the land down under where I was able to meet great people, experience fabulous cuisine and the best coffee I’ve ever tasted (Sorry Starbucks!) Never visited Australia or New Zealand? Then, here are some fun facts that will make you add them to your bucket list today.

  1. Australians are Ozzies, New Zealanders are Kiwis.
    As a Canadian, I completely understand as most times I’m called American from my European counter parts and I’m quick to correct someone with the difference. So, make sure you get that right if you meet one.
  2. Aboriginals and Maoris.
    The indigenous tribes in Australia are referred to as aboriginal while the native population of New Zealand is labeled as Maori.
  3. New Zealand is the Sheep Country.
    New Zealand’s climate and pastures make sheep farming the country’s biggest industry. Did you know they have about 30 million sheep?
  4. ANZ Managed Infrastructure is fast-rising.
    The ANZ managed infrastructure market size grew to $1,129M in 2017, and it appears to be reaching almost double that amount ($2,109M) by 2022.

Managed Infrastructure Growth in ANZ and Americas

Managed Infrastructure Growth in ANZ and Americas - Plesk

In a recent report from Structured Research, the ANZ managed infrastructure market size has been growing at a fast rate. In 2017, it generated $1,129M* and we expect it to grow even more up to $2,109M by the time 2022 rolls by. That’s almost double.

So, it’s no wonder hosting companies in the ANZ region are looking for new marketing strategies. Because they obviously want to grab some of that market share over the new few years.

What marketing challenges do ANZ & Americas Partners have?

So, the purpose of my trip was to meet some of our partners and understand how they drive customer awareness. What did their marketing strategies look like for the year? I wasn’t surprised to hear the same challenges I had been hearing from my American partners. Ranking lack of resources and time constraints among the top offenders.

As partner marketing manager, our partners rely on me to provide help with driving more revenue. Particularly using new marketing incentives and ideas. So here I thought I would share just some of my top partner marketing tips with you. Particularly if your business operates in these regions.

Marketing Tips for ANZ & Americas Hosting Businesses


social media
  1. You don’t need a large marketing budget.

    Social media is still the best marketing option because that’s where you’ll surely find most of your customers. Get them to start following you and it will be easy to spread the word when it comes to your business. Latest promotions, contests and evenm events your company may be attending.

2. Re-Purpose your old content.

Did you know that by creating a piece of content it can be shared up to 5x on different methods? You can always revisit content you previously created, like infographics, short videos and lead nurturing programs. Then give it a new face and re-distribute.


3. Get involved in your community.

The WordPress market share is 34%, based on the latest results from W3Techs. If you have a WordPress offer, this is the community you want to showcase it to. Sponsor an event or maybe even consider hosting one.

4. Video marketing can boost conversions and sales.

You don’t need a large budget or a video production agency to create videos for you, as long as you keep it relevant. And did you know Google loves videos too? So, you can use videos to rank your business higher in searches.

video marketing

Looking for more marketing ideas and insights in order to drive more revenue? Reach out to me, your account manager, or anyone from Partner Success at [email protected] – we’re always happy to help.

Good Day Mate!


*Structured Research – Market Share Report Series – Managed Infrastructure 2017 – 2022 – September 2018 edition

Not a partner yet? Check out if you qualify by contacting our dedicated Partner Success Team below.

Plesk Obsidian Auto-Updates – the Beginning of a Short Releases Era

Plesk Obsidian short releases

Starting from Plesk Obsidian (major version 18), Plesk is moving away from long periods of time between major releases. Hence, taking the continuous delivery approach. Just like your mobile phone gets periodic updates, your Plesk server will also receive Plesk Obsidian auto-updates each month.

On July 8, we enabled the automatic updates for our Partners and introduced additional functionalities in Partner Central. Thus allowing us to schedule updates for specific days of the week. You can get more info in our partner auto-updates article here.

Automatic updates for the previous Plesk version (Onyx) became available for Partners earlier this year. And this resulted in the highest last version adoption growth in Plesk so far. From July to September 2019, the number of servers running Onyx 17.8 increased by 13% after activating automatic updates.

Plesk Servers by Version Distribution

Plesk server distribution

Short Releases in Plesk Obsidian

From Plesk Obsidian onwards, the release tiers used before – Early adopters, General release and Later adopter release – become obsolete. Starting from major version 18, Plesk will ship monthly updates to your Plesk server(s). The only supported version will be the major version 18. So, we will support the last minor version and the version preceding Plesk Obsidian, including of course, the major version itself. For more details, please refer to the Plesk Lifecycle Policy.

Weekly updates with patches and bug fixes are also a thing of the past. Because everything including new Obsidian features will come directly through the regular monthly updates.

Plesk Obsidian Auto-updates: Why Are We Doing This?

There are three main reasons behind the Plesk Obsidian Auto-updates decision:

  1. Delivering new features to our Partners will be faster and more regular.
  2. We’re going for simplified alignment with Plesk extensions development.
  3. We don’t want our Partners to worry about staying on the latest version.
    Once a Partner opted for an auto-update, their servers will automatically get on the latest updated version.

Coming Soon: New Controls in Partner Central & Plesk

Currently, in Partner Central, Partners can select the weekdays when Plesk can install automatic updates. Soon we’ll be adding further customization settings for updates scheduling.

Anything More to Know? (Frequently Asked Questions)

A: Yes, you can. However, we don’t recommend it because this way you don’t get any security updates and your Plesk server is unprotected. Plesk doesn’t accept any security-related claims in case of disabled auto-updates.
A: In Partner Central, you can select your choice of weekdays for updates installation. Please check our partner auto-updates article here for more details.
A: Your server will automatically update to the latest available Obsidian release. Be careful: Plesk does not recommend this scenario, because as you will skip several releases, updating through several Plesk versions might result in issues due to untested scenarios.

How Formerly Skeptical IP-Projects Turned Direct Plesk Partner

How IP-Projects Turned Direct Plesk Partner

What makes our customers and partners tick? We asked Michael Schinzel, Managing Director at IP-Projects and long-term Plesk partner about what made them choose us. Seems it was a shift of perception, proper support when in need, and open discussions about prices. 

Who are IP-Projects?

The hosting company IP-Projects focuses on personalized direct customer support and its mantra is to solve the needs of its customers. And these very customers asked specifically for Plesk. Why? Because they prefer a user interface that allows them to create and manage domains within seconds – within a single platform.

Watch Michael Schinzel tell the full story of how the “rather small or medium-sized” IP-Projects powered up with Plesk. 

So, based on a pure cost /benefit analysis, Michael says IP-Projects opened up to Plesk. But it was not an instant decision.

Initial Reservations of Plesk and Change of Perception

The start was not very optimistic, as IP-Projects was rather reserved towards using Plesk. The perception was that it was a rather confusing and complicated management panel, some time back in 2011. Therefore, Michael recalls, “until the time when our former license partner had ceased to cooperate with Plesk, we did not deal with your company intensively.”

Michael Schinzel from IP-Projects

IP-Projects go from fear to finding something special in Plesk.  

“In our experience, there is no other hosting control panel with such a diverse offer.”

size: 24pt;"> 

“Only in 2014 did we become a direct Plesk partner. From that point on, Plesk established itself as a real alternative to the free dashboard we were using.” 

Finding Solutions to Critical Issues

Plesk is an added layer over IP-Projects’ server infrastructure. Their numerous enhancements such as the SEO Tools, WordPress Toolkit and Joomla! Toolkit, are also valuable add-ons for IP-Projects customers. They discovered it to be a great choice due to our management interface. But one of the strongest arguments for using Plesk is the technical support offered free of charge for direct customers.

“[Plesk Support] created several service tickets for a range of issues. And some were not even 100% coming from the Plesk hosting panel. We always received excellent support from the customer care teams. Without any additional costs. This is how we discovered that Plesk has become a reliable partner in the recent years”

Michael Schinzel

Good Value for Money

When it comes to Plesk pricing levels, Michael Schinzel believes that startups should benefit from a pricing tier dedicated to this category.

Good value for money - Plesk Panel

“This way they would be able to offer new providers good conditions to buy Plesk licenses. For example, a special discount for 1-2 years for direct partners.” 

size: 18pt;"> 

With such a settling offer in their pockets, companies on the same range as IP-Projects could build a customer portfolio faster. And once secured, they can scale up by choosing from Plesk’s solutions portfolio. Nonetheless, IP-Projects moved smoothly past this specific initial challenge. And Plesk played a key role in this regard.

How? Plesk is always open to discuss license prices and other possibilities of cooperation with customers. IP-Projects listened to its customers, as does Plesk. They both met halfway. However, being open to price negotiation is not all.

Plesk support for direct partners is the other top differentiator. Faster and leaner operations for direct partners generate happier customers – And this provides great value for money.

Not tried Plesk yet?
See how a free 14-day trial can help your business.

Are you a reseller?
You can sign up for exclusive Plesk Partner Benefits.

Plesk Helps 1&1 IONOS Launch WordPress Offering at WCEU

Plesk at WCEU 2019

Over 2,700 WordPress lovers attending this year’s WordCamp Europe (WCEU) event in Berlin have broken yet another attendance record. And since WordCamps continue to attract more people year after year, we get a great opportunity to contribute to the WordPress community! Here’s what went down this year, alongside our partners 1&1 IONOS.

Plesk Appeared with 1&1 IONOS for WP Pro Launch

WordCamps are the place to be if you’re after the hottest trends. Or direct feedback from WordPress users of all skill levels and profiles. Well, the voice of WordPress users is super important for us and one of the key drivers to further enhance our famous WordPress Toolkit. So we’re always happy to share our insights and help you build the perfect WordPress offering for your customers.

Plesk and 1&1 IONOS at WCEU launching new WordPress offering

Our partners 1&1 IONOS have already done just this. They introduced their brand-new WP Pro offering, powered by Plesk, to the public at our joint booth at WCEU. This new offer complements the 1&1 IONOS WordPress portfolio with a powerful package. Featuring the latest Cloud Server technology, dedicated resources for high-performance sites, Varnish Based Caching, Smart Updates and various Plesk tools. Thus, suiting the needs of professional WordPress users and agencies.

Launching Your Own WP Offering with Plesk

Now you can follow 1&1 IONOS and do the same! Launch your modern WordPress offering for web pros or agencies and build awareness for it within the community by sponsoring a WordCamp with us. Are you interested? Let us know by dropping an email to [email protected] and we’ll work together in order to make it happen!

Plesk’s Virtual Reality Surprise at WCEU

At this year’s WordCamp Europe, our booth had even more first time experiences. WordPress enthusiasts were able to feel the Plesk world at their very fingertips, through an innovative VR experience. By wearing the VR glasses and maneuvering the joysticks, our guests could step into an alternative universe. One where Elvis Plesky safely guides you down the futuristic pathways of server management.

Connecting with the WordPress Community – My First WP Install

Last but not least, we’re delighted to share with you a glimpse from the very heart of the community. Their first ever WordPress install memories. We’ll first take this opportunity to thank Josepha Haden, Marcel Bootsman, Monique Dubbelman, Dianne Wallace, Caspar Hübinger and Bas Brader. Because they graciously accepted our invite to sit down in front of the camera and let their memories flow.

Now, let’s close this review by reminding everyone that next year’s WordCamp will happen  in Portugal, between June 4-6, 2020. So see you (and hopefully even more Plesk partners) there in Porto. We can’t wait!

Why Your Clients Need Managed Hosting Services

Managed Hosting Services

Virtualized Technology is a growing trend, yet it’s not what most hosters can offer. Moreover, because of the increasing online storage and application distribution, clients need security and data authority at low costs. Therefore, more businesses worldwide are choosing managed hosting services, making the virtualization environment simpler and more affordable. We want our Plesk partners to know about this opportunity.

Fitting into the Managed Hosting Puzzle

Managed Hosting Services

There’s more demand for managed hosting services than there used to be since many resellers provide businesses with controlled scalability advancements. We’re witnessing a growing number of applications targeting nearly all sectors of the economy. These SMBs would rather focus their resources on app development, leaving a third-party to handle the rest.

Hence, we expect to see managed services grow to $286 billion in 2019 – at a compound annual growth rate of 12%. Stable growth that we’ve been seeing for the last eight years now. So how do you fit into this puzzle? By offering a complete managed solution for small businesses who can’t afford the extra time or costs of an inhouse team handling the load.

Take a page out of ZNetLive’s Book

Take a page out of ZNetLive’s Book

In case you’re wondering where to target your efforts, the Global Industry Report of 2024 says that “North America overshadows the market” because it is now focusing more on power and energy practices. Meanwhile, in the APAC region, “expansion of medium scale sectors is projected to propel industry growth”.

Here’s one top example from ZNetLive, one of our hosting partners in India. In our ZNetLive/JeetInfo Case Study, we see how they’ve been successfully adding managed hosting services to their bundled offers for quite some time now. Enjoy this inspiring story and consider the same for your business.

Start Offering Managed Hosting Services

In today’s ever-changing market, it’s hard to maintain certain services in-house. That’s why you’re less likely to succeed by just offering basic cloud services. Unless you’re hyperscale, with a very unique proposition – like Digital Ocean, or are extremely targeted.

That’s why managed third-party cloud services are currently trending. By offering this, you can add value through managed web hosting services, grow your business and make your customers extremely happy. If you’re ready to give it a try, get in touch with our partner team today and they will guide you further.

“Plesk is responsible for bridging our technical gaps” – EverData Success Story

EverData CEO, Naveen Sharma talks about Plesk

What once required manual coding, scripting and technical know-how, is now easily automated for users of any skill. Automation – which is possible with the likes of the simple, effective, hosting management platform: Plesk. For us, Plesk automation is responsible for bridging the gaps between technical and non-technical users. I am Naveen Sharma, CEO of EverData Technologies and I’m here to tell you how Plesk has impacted our lives.


Who are EverData Technologies?

We started out as a small domain name provider in 2013 with a modest list of traditional hosting plans. But now, EverData Technologies successfully delivers complete hosting solutions worldwide. Including cloud services for max availability, SSD hosting for speed, SEO hosting, collocation, and recently – VPS Cloud SSD hosting. Our growth philosophy is simple: Always be customer-centric. Good quality, fair pricing, and reliable support are the three fundamentals that earned our company a distinct reputation in the industry.

EverData Clients Prefer Plesk

Research, feedback, and polls from our varied client base revealed that more than 70% of our clients were satisfied with Plesk. This is because a large part of our client base includes start-ups who can’t afford to focus on technical problem-solving. And most of them found Plesk to be simple enough to handle.

We love how it’s compatible with multiple OS – Linux, Windows, and so on, and how truly scalable Plesk is. On the one hand, beginners can handle all basic options with its intuitive interface. Meanwhile, advanced users with specific needs can exercise extended control to manage and optimize.

Naveen Sharma

“What we like most about Plesk is the commitment to innovation without compromising on simplicity.”

“While others may introduce the proprietary hosting panel, we use one panel - Plesk.”

In short, Plesk hosting panel is simple, innovative, user-friendly and scalable – fully resonating with EverData’s forward-thinking philosophy. Moreover, we’re continuously happy with Plesk’s value additions year after year. So, we thought there’s no merit in reinventing the wheel.

We dropped plans to develop our proprietary hosting panel and started encouraging our non-technical clients to use Plesk instead. We even assisted via free Plesk training sessions to help non-technical clients manage different hosting aspects themselves.

EverData resellers use Plesk to manage technical issues

EverData also offers reseller hosting packages, while receiving positive feedback on Plesk hosting panel. Resellers say that one of the best things about Plesk is that advanced versions, such as Plesk 12.0 onwards, helped manage client issues. Even if they have no advanced technical knowledge.

“It used to be difficult – trying to answer queries related to subscriptions, plans, and clients.”

However, latest Plesk developments have allowed us to take the ownership, switch to our resellers’ account and repair issues quick. Again, this perfectly aligns with an EverData philosophy- “take complete ownership of complex issues!”

Are we perfectly satisfied with Plesk?

Well, I believe that perfection is not attainable. But if we chase it – we catch excellence. What matters is how persistent Plesk is in constantly evolving. Ultimately, based on our experience with clients and resellers, we can say that Plesk hosting panel satisfies various client needs. No matter the business, budget, and technical knowledge.

In fact, in our upcoming WebnCloud Expo 2019, we’re thinking of adding a Plesk training session for new clients and resellers. Among sessions on Linux, RedHat, and VPS cloud, we’ll discuss the latest Plesk versions and the advanced options they offer.

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