Hostripples Q&A: Keeping Affordable, Flexible Hosting Plans and More

A control panel is a lifesaver for a hoster, and though there are many to choose from, the hosting brand, Hostripples, chooses Plesk. Hostripples are a Plesk partner popular in India and USA which contributes the company’s success to Plesk’s control panel. Sanjay Jadhav, CEO and co-founder of Hostripples and SARPS Technologies, says that initially they were drawn to Plesk for its OS-agnostic properties. Now it offers more. So I asked Sanjay about his hosting company, alliance with Plesk and what this has changed in their hosting offerings.

What can you tell us about Hostripples?

hostripples- Plesk partner

Hostripples was established in 2013 with the aim to support start-ups with the best industry standards at an affordable cost. We trained our skilled support team to help set up web projects on different technologies. And we believe we have the best environment as it includes CloudLinux Security, Anti-DDOS protection, SSL, SiteLock, Malware Scanner, and proactive monitoring. We’re compatible with any OS and have IPv4 and IPv6 included.

Most of our customers have dedicated servers because they love the quality hardware and performance it comes with. Of course, the setup and maintenance need solid Technical support and 24×7 availability. So this is where we believe we exceed customer expectations. We also do shared hosting and have a Cloud VPS range. Overall, we aim to offer the complete package for site security, availability, flexibility, and tech support.

How do you keep plans affordable without compromising on quality?

shared-hosting-vs-dedicated-hosting-costs Plesk

Before considering the price factor of the product, we must evaluate the usability of the product that we serve to the customer. With a great control panel like Plesk, users get the best experience of handling the website function and bug-free operations. This allows customers to focus on the business rather than spending time in understanding the control panel and its functioning. Balancing the features and website packages, we managed to keep affordable prices for each product.

Our Support team ensures that each customer who requests for the support gets the solution for the query within a timely manner irrespective of the level of the package it holds. Hostripples bases packages on the Hosting – Joomla, WordPress Magento, Drupal, and so on. This ensures each package is built the same way for best user experience and flawless website operations.

What are the benefits of Plesk for Hostripples and your clients?

Business Benefits

Hostripples India certainly supports and recommends Plesk for developers and hosting providers. It’s flexible and universally compatible, with great safety features and billing applications to help you get business done. This has enabled Hostripples to come up with the best features and best prices in the industries.

Plesk’s automation and customization abilities have allowed us to mold our hosting plans according to our customers’ requirements. Even our customers have shown a positive approach towards Plesk and feel like they have complete control over their websites.

Great User Interface and Architecture

Plesk GUI is very simple and user-friendly, even for non-technical users. And the architecture includes extensions which provide super-fast delivery of new features.

Security and Stability

Security is one of the primary selling factors for Plesk. Plesk manages both web server security as well as account-level security, and Two Factor Authentication.

Easy Migration and Support

Plesk control panel makes it easier to move accounts compared to the other control panels. They also offer assisted migration and other technical support in many languages. Including Russian, French, Spanish, Japanese and German.

WordPress Compatibility

Plesk also comes with a WP Toolkit that allows you to manage your WordPress sites and instances easily and automatically. With the most popular and advanced tools and features, supported by the WordPress community.

Upcoming dream projects/plans for Hostripples

Currently, Hostripples servers are located in 17 countries, and plans are to expand in other countries too. We’re also focusing on providing reliable hosting services at minimum cost. So even small businesses can get online and expand worldwide with our cheap hosting solutions.

Do you agree with Sanjay from Hostripples? Share your experiences with Plesk and other control panels in the comments below.

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