Insercorp and Plesk: Putting the End-user First for Mutual Success

One of our endeavours at Plesk is giving web professionals more control over their website and business growth. However, it’s equally important to offer a solution that makes this easier for them. That’s why we decided to check in with our clients at Insercorp to see if and how Plesk is meeting these needs.

Meet Tim Bradshaw – the man behind Insercorp. A reputable brand catering to key requirements of new digital entrepreneurs. Be it hosting, designing, development and content management needs with its proprietary CMS – iPlasmaCMS2. He’s been awarded a distinguished position among the 100 entrepreneurs in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Tim talks about Insercorp’s journey, iPlasmaCMS2, and the strong relationship between Plesk and Insercorp.

Tim Bradhsaw - Insercorp

Tim’s and Insercorp’s story is an inspiring one. From humble beginnings as a self-funded start-up in the Franklin Business Incubator, to becoming one of the top 100 Entrepreneurs in 2012.

Tim Bradshaw and Insercorp: An entrepreneurial journey

I started the business in September 2007 after stepping away from being a Publisher at the GamePlasma Network. This was a network of websites and online communities in the Interactive Entertainment Industry, which I founded in 2003. I wanted to utilize my experience and skills to provide professional website design, development, and hosting solutions for an emerging market.

“Starting the business with $100, a laptop, and no outside investments or loans was a challenge. But nothing great in life comes easy.”

Since the beginning, we’ve reinvested all our profit into developing our CMS. Also, in strengthening both our operations and infrastructure, and supporting our local and regional communities. The first years were about establishing a market foothold, building client and partner relationships, and developing procedures and policies.

We then launched our proprietary Content Management System, the next several years centered around diversifying our portfolio. We did this by expanding our clientele, improving user experience, and developing modules to allow iPlasmaCMS2 to serve any purpose. For the past five years, we continued evolving our product to prepare for critical mass.

Our philosophy was building within our means while exceeding the expectations of our clients. Allowing for slow but steady growth without overextending. We’ve continued to work towards our goals every day, adapting as needed.

Small Business Benefits of iPlasmaCMS2

We created iPlasmaCMS2 on three pillars: Secure, Intuitive, and Scalable. Built for performance and SEO optimization – regularly passing Google Lighthouse Audits.

Security: Clients know their websites are running 24/7 and their data is safe without having to worry about WordPress updates or data loss from hackers. We keep the CMS regularly updated through security risk mitigation. Detecting and patching vulnerabilities before they become a threat.

Intuitive: Our interface makes it easy for non-technical users to add/update info on their websites in real-time. Reducing the need for developers, saving both time and money.

Scalability: iPlasmaCMS2 websites can serve any purpose, from basic, informational websites to complex info-systems with robust databases or e-commerce.  Integration with third-party APIs, widget support, and dynamic content makes it all easy.

Insercorp Managed Plesk servers with Dedicated and Cloud options make for a truly scalable platform. Our clients only pay for what they need. As their needs grow, their websites grow with them.

Why Insercorp provides iPlasmaCMS2 exclusively on Plesk-powered servers

Web Development companies wanting a more secure, user-friendly, customizable solution to WordPress can offer Insercorp’s iPlasmaCMS2 through Insercorp-managed Plesk servers. iPlasmaCMS2 has gained traction as a more secure open-source CMS substitute, especially with government and health organizations, and small businesses.

We developed iPlasmaCMS to work with Plesk since its inception.  Our solution allows for integration of completely custom designs to allow for unique user experiences and branded website interfaces. The iPlasmaCMS2 Control Panel user interface has evolved over the years based on user feedback. We’re currently planning a Plesk extension for iPlasmaCMS2 too.

 Aside from the familiarity of Plesk’s intuitive interface I’ve always been fond of its customization abilities, providing a sense of ownership. Taking advantage of Plesk’s built-in security, DNS management, extensions, and optimizing settings allows us to efficiently deploy and manage code as a scalable solution. As Plesk evolves, we adapt and evolve with it.

“Both Insercorp and Plesk put the end user first, with a focus on quality service and reliable support.”

Over the years we’ve seen continuous improvements in the user experience as well as the technical capabilities of Plesk. Something we strive to provide in our own web-based website management solution.  Making it easy for clients to keep up with their ever-changing technological demands in areas of performance, security, and scalability.

Community events as a major Insercorp objective

It’s part of our mission to improve local communities by giving back through in-trade sponsorships, volunteering, and cash contributions. I value the relationships we’ve been able to forge through developer conferences and cultural events. Our support has allowed our community partners to reach larger audiences than they would have otherwise. Providing the right expertise or budget for this is very gratifying.

In turn, we also get experience developing successful event marketing and communications strategies, and the opportunity to strengthen our own brand awareness.

The reason professional services rule over free/low-cost options

Many of our clients have tried cheap DIY options or WordPress. They hence understand the value we offer and love our solution. However, at the end of the day, I believe it’s our personalized, custom approach that clients recognize.  I treat each project as if it’s my own business – “it’s all in the details”.  We build solutions for end users and we see our clients’ growth as a result.

“In September 2019, we celebrated 12 years in business. “

While there have been many ups and downs along the way, we are well-established in our market. The key is to set high bars and continuously reinvent our approach and procedures. We grew from mistakes and failures, while pivoting off victories and successes.

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