How Beebyte Became a Leading Swedish WordPress Hosting Provider

There are two options when choosing a hosting service provider: pay a huge amount of money to a very large provider and sacrifice control and service. Or work with a company like Beebyte, a smaller provider, and get high performance, flexibility, and great customer service. All at a highly competitive rate. 

Beebyte has been a Plesk partner for a year and a half now. It offers a unique and custom-built control panel for virtual servers, VPS, and shared hosting. Recently, we’ve decided to celebrate Beebyte’s journey to success by talking about the business and its partnership with Plesk.

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The Start of Beebyte and its WordPress Solution

Beeybyte Visual

Like many Plesk partners, Beebyte has a small but dedicated team. However, it started with just two people – Niclas Alvebratt and Simon Ekstrand, running everything—including 24/7 support. Having used it on other projects, they have always been Plesk-friendly. Knowing there was a good market for it in Sweden, where the business is based, they decided to set up a small hosting business under the name Beebyte.

Thanks to their previous experience and network, Beebyte got off to a flying start. Knowing that Plesk helps entrepreneurs get started with small business, setting up a business with Plesk was a no-brainer.

After some time and gaining a certain volume of customers, Beebyte grew to a four-person team and started using Plesk’s WordPress Toolkit. Both Plesk and Beebyte attended WordCamp Nijmeijin in 2019. Earlier Beebyte had attended WordCamp Stockholm and WordCamp Norrköping and gained a good reputation within the Swedish WordPress community.

Beebyte now offers Shared WordPress hosting as one of its main, high-performance solutions. With the help of its solutions, the PHP code is processed faster and visitors get a better experience with a faster page. In Beebyte’s web host, there are smart features for WordPress management such as staging and copying sites, installing and updating free SSL certificates. You can also secure installation with Beebyte’s WordPress security tools and manage updates directly from the web host’s control panel (based on Plesk). Additionally, Beebyte delivers its in-house developed monitoring engine and great customer service within a single pane of administration for both end-users and resellers.

How does Beebyte use Plesk?

Beebyte Dashboard

Beebyte has over a decade of experience on both Windows and Linux platforms. It offers high availability, 100% SSD-based servers and shared hosting. With all services delivered from its state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly data centers in Sweden. As well as senior consultancy services at very competitive rates.

One of the ways Beebyte uses Plesk is to help reduce the number of customer support tickets. Since using Plesk, the tickets have drastically decreased, because a ticket based on the platform can be solved super-fast. On the technical side, Beebyte has a secure, solid platform – but non-tech-savvy customers may struggle. However, with Plesk, the company can resolve everything quite fast.

It also uses Plesk with an automated reseller program, where their customers can resell their full-service catalog. Customers can also add their own branding, and handle payments in a very flexible way. You can find more info on the Beebyte and Plesk combined offering here.

What has Beebyte achieved since Plesk?

Today, Beebyte is at the top when it comes to WordPress and e-commerce hosting in Sweden. Regardless of whether it’s shared hosting, VPS, or multi-server load-balanced solutions. Thanks to its success, Beebyte can focus on delivering new features to all its users. Such as the Iris monitoring tool that combines with Plesk and is neatly integrated into its user portal.

Beebyte is also committed to running a sustainable business that is part of a greater whole. For example, every month it gives employees one day off to engage in social work in a local area, such as helping the homeless or night patrolling. Driven by the belief that a healthy conscience goes hand in hand with a profitable business. 

In line with this approach, the founders also support the Free Software Foundation and the Tor network to help communities in countries with authoritarian regimes with high censorship and privacy concerns.

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The Challenges Our ANZ and Americas Hosting Partners Are Facing

The Challenges Our ANZ and Americas Hosting Partners Are Facing - Plesk

My work travels recently took me to the land down under where I was able to meet great people, experience fabulous cuisine and the best coffee I’ve ever tasted (Sorry Starbucks!) Never visited Australia or New Zealand? Then, here are some fun facts that will make you add them to your bucket list today.

  1. Australians are Ozzies, New Zealanders are Kiwis.
    As a Canadian, I completely understand as most times I’m called American from my European counter parts and I’m quick to correct someone with the difference. So, make sure you get that right if you meet one.
  2. Aboriginals and Maoris.
    The indigenous tribes in Australia are referred to as aboriginal while the native population of New Zealand is labeled as Maori.
  3. New Zealand is the Sheep Country.
    New Zealand’s climate and pastures make sheep farming the country’s biggest industry. Did you know they have about 30 million sheep?
  4. ANZ Managed Infrastructure is fast-rising.
    The ANZ managed infrastructure market size grew to $1,129M in 2017, and it appears to be reaching almost double that amount ($2,109M) by 2022.

Managed Infrastructure Growth in ANZ and Americas

Managed Infrastructure Growth in ANZ and Americas - Plesk

In a recent report from Structured Research, the ANZ managed infrastructure market size has been growing at a fast rate. In 2017, it generated $1,129M* and we expect it to grow even more up to $2,109M by the time 2022 rolls by. That’s almost double.

So, it’s no wonder hosting companies in the ANZ region are looking for new marketing strategies. Because they obviously want to grab some of that market share over the new few years.

What marketing challenges do ANZ & Americas Partners have?

So, the purpose of my trip was to meet some of our partners and understand how they drive customer awareness. What did their marketing strategies look like for the year? I wasn’t surprised to hear the same challenges I had been hearing from my American partners. Ranking lack of resources and time constraints among the top offenders.

As partner marketing manager, our partners rely on me to provide help with driving more revenue. Particularly using new marketing incentives and ideas. So here I thought I would share just some of my top partner marketing tips with you. Particularly if your business operates in these regions.

Marketing Tips for ANZ & Americas Hosting Businesses


social media
  1. You don’t need a large marketing budget.

    Social media is still the best marketing option because that’s where you’ll surely find most of your customers. Get them to start following you and it will be easy to spread the word when it comes to your business. Latest promotions, contests and evenm events your company may be attending.

2. Re-Purpose your old content.

Did you know that by creating a piece of content it can be shared up to 5x on different methods? You can always revisit content you previously created, like infographics, short videos and lead nurturing programs. Then give it a new face and re-distribute.


3. Get involved in your community.

The WordPress market share is 34%, based on the latest results from W3Techs. If you have a WordPress offer, this is the community you want to showcase it to. Sponsor an event or maybe even consider hosting one.

4. Video marketing can boost conversions and sales.

You don’t need a large budget or a video production agency to create videos for you, as long as you keep it relevant. And did you know Google loves videos too? So, you can use videos to rank your business higher in searches.

video marketing

Looking for more marketing ideas and insights in order to drive more revenue? Reach out to me, your account manager, or anyone from Partner Success at [email protected] – we’re always happy to help.

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*Structured Research – Market Share Report Series – Managed Infrastructure 2017 – 2022 – September 2018 edition

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Why Your Clients Need Managed Hosting Services

Managed Hosting Services

Virtualized Technology is a growing trend, yet it’s not what most hosters can offer. Moreover, because of the increasing online storage and application distribution, clients need security and data authority at low costs. Therefore, more businesses worldwide are choosing managed hosting services, making the virtualization environment simpler and more affordable. We want our Plesk partners to know about this opportunity.

Fitting into the Managed Hosting Puzzle

Managed Hosting Services

There’s more demand for managed hosting services than there used to be since many resellers provide businesses with controlled scalability advancements. We’re witnessing a growing number of applications targeting nearly all sectors of the economy. These SMBs would rather focus their resources on app development, leaving a third-party to handle the rest.

Hence, we expect to see managed services grow to $286 billion in 2019 – at a compound annual growth rate of 12%. Stable growth that we’ve been seeing for the last eight years now. So how do you fit into this puzzle? By offering a complete managed solution for small businesses who can’t afford the extra time or costs of an inhouse team handling the load.

Take a page out of ZNetLive’s Book

Take a page out of ZNetLive’s Book

In case you’re wondering where to target your efforts, the Global Industry Report of 2024 says that “North America overshadows the market” because it is now focusing more on power and energy practices. Meanwhile, in the APAC region, “expansion of medium scale sectors is projected to propel industry growth”.

Here’s one top example from ZNetLive, one of our hosting partners in India. In our ZNetLive/JeetInfo Case Study, we see how they’ve been successfully adding managed hosting services to their bundled offers for quite some time now. Enjoy this inspiring story and consider the same for your business.

Start Offering Managed Hosting Services

In today’s ever-changing market, it’s hard to maintain certain services in-house. That’s why you’re less likely to succeed by just offering basic cloud services. Unless you’re hyperscale, with a very unique proposition – like Digital Ocean, or are extremely targeted.

That’s why managed third-party cloud services are currently trending. By offering this, you can add value through managed web hosting services, grow your business and make your customers extremely happy. If you’re ready to give it a try, get in touch with our partner team today and they will guide you further.

Managed Hosting Services – Your Golden Opportunity?

Managed Hosting Services

It’s becoming more and more difficult to grow your business by offering traditional hosting products. Today, the way customers buy technology is at odds with how most hosters have sold it up till now. Moreover, hosting has become a commodity. The market is dominated by a couple of global players who are competing on price – because they can.

So, what do you do if you don’t want to – or simply can’t – compete on price? Then you compete on value, of course.

How Managed Hosting Services boost your value

Add managed hosting services to your standard hosting product portfolio and your strategy quickly becomes feasible and valuable. Here are the top three reasons why.

Short Time-To-Market
Managed Hosting - Short Time-To-Market

A lot of technical expertise already exists inside hosting companies so this will undoubtedly lead to a reduction in the time it takes a product to move from conception to being available for sale.

High Demand

Managed Hosting Services - High Demand

Both enterprises and SMBs often struggle to evaluate the right digital transformation strategies, migrate workloads, manage and secure infrastructure and networks and also have the time to identify a suitable backup and recovery plan.


Growth Opportunity

Managed Hosting - Growth Opportunity

According to Markets and Markets, the global market for managed hosting services will grow to $193.34bn by 2019 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 12.5%.

Additionally, according to 451 Research, users of SaaS and application hosting services will spend 59% on managed services. Enter – you and your business.

Why you should offer Managed Hosting Services too

Offering managed third-party cloud services is a very popular trend with huge growth potential, no doubt. But don’t limit your business to this trend alone as there are more exciting opportunities to stand out. You can add value through managed services, grow your business and make your customers extremely happy.

Here’s one top example from ZNetLive, one of our hosting partners in India. In our ZNetLive/JeetInfo Case Study, we see how they’ve been successfully adding managed hosting services to their bundled offers for quite some time now. Enjoy this inspiring story and consider the same for your business. If you’re ready to give it a try, get in touch with one of our experts today.

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