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Partner Stories: How Plesk helped ZNetLive and RackNap

We recently spoke with Sabarinathan Sampath, SVP of Plesk partner ZNetLive and its sister company, RackNap. Two cloud service companies based in India. In the interviews below, we discuss the growth of both companies, the future of the hosting industry, and the role that the Plesk platform plays in helping deliver better cloud solutions for everyone.

Meet Sabari

Sabari’s mission is building next-generation technology products to solve the business problems of companies in India – and worldwide. He has two decades’ experience in delivering custom, fully-integrated solutions to telecoms, hosting providers and other large-scale enterprises.

Since November 2016, Sampath has taken on the role of Senior Vice President and COO at ZNetLive and RackNap simultaneously.

About partner ZNetLive combined with Plesk

For about 17 years, ZNetLive has mainly been helping operators in the Indian market. So that they can harness cloud services potential for their business more effectively. Besides serving the primary customer base in India, they also have customers in 70+ countries. Using their products to implement digital transformation through the cloud.

 — Transcript —

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi, I’m Sabari. I’m Senior Vice President with ZNetLive. ZNetLive has been in business for about 17 years. Predominantly focusing on the Indian market, our target segment of customers are agencies, designers, developers and programmers.

Does ZNetLive focus only on India or do you have a global customer base as well?

Our predominant focus is in India; however, we do address the needs of the customers in a global setup as well. We have customers present in about 70+ countries and we address a wider market as well.

Tell us more about the kind of solutions you offer your customers?

ZNetLive started by offering domains and hosting, then evolved to offer cloud services and now wrapping around managed services with it. As the industry evolved over a number of years, our customers wanted to be offered solutions which were much more affordable and that’s where we have been enhancing our portfolio; to include such offerings.

How do you use Plesk?

Our customers have always wanted a user-friendly control panel to be able to manage their setup; what they have locally. Plesk has been able to listen to what they need and has been able to address what they need.

Whenever we go and pitch a solution to a customer, they ask us for something which is very user-friendly, and Plesk fills the gap for them. We have a very good partnership with Plesk for a number of years, and it has really helped us to meet the demands of our customers.

Do you use the WordPress Toolkit in any way?

Managed WordPress hosting is one of our very popular products which customers use. WordPress is one of the world’s best CMS tools and it is available as a plugin with Plesk, and our customers widely use that for managing their portfolio.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

One thing what I would like to emphasize here is; as the hosting industry started maturing, Plesk has invested a lot of effort in enhancing their product as well. We see a lot of good feedback from customers about the quality of what Plesk is able to offer. Kudos to the entire product development team for that.

RackNap’s end-to-end cloud optimization platform

Meanwhile, RackNap is a platform that optimizes the delivery of cloud services by solutions providers, data centers and hosters. The software has been built with the aim of simplifying the work it takes for businesses to automate and manage their cloud products more effectively.

 — Transcript —

Could you tell us a bit about Racknap?

I’m Senior Vice President with RackNap. RackNap is a cloud services optimization platform, helping to provision and build services, meeting the needs of cloud solution providers, hosters, data center providers, etcetera.

[Racknap] is an end-to-end ERP of service delivery, helping to manage the entire spectrum of lead management till post-delivery support. The end-to-end capabilities are managed in one unified platform.

As we found out in a research, hosters have silos of technologies in their data centers, which made it very difficult for them to manage all of this and to untangle the mess what is in their data center. We built up this software from ground up, which will really help them to streamline the way they deliver services to their end-customers.

So RackNap helps with streamlining processes and procedures to be able to optimize the way you deliver services: enhancing revenue, reducing costs and risks, as well for the service provider.

What kind of partnership does RackNap look for with Plesk?

Plesk has a very long-standing association with the hosting community for a number of years. Our product is very much geared to the hosting community, helping them to optimize the way they offer their services. With a strong collaboration with Plesk, we believe we form a very ‘deadly’ combination to be able to address the need of the hosting community.

With a partnership with Plesk, we think we can address the serviceable market and addressing their pain points of silos of technology, redundant systems available there, and manage them effectively with one platform. With RackNap, in combination with Plesk, I think it’s a formidable way with which we can address this market.

Smoother cloud management and automation?

The link between these companies is their innovative approach to provisioning and managing cloud services. Making it easier and more efficient for providers. Both businesses have deep roots in the hosting community. Therefore, their mission and products grew organically after realizing the needs of other players in the same industry.

ZNetLive, for example, originally offered domain names and hosting services. But its service portfolio began to expand, thus evolving into having cloud and managed services as its operational focus. Customers’ changing demands have shaped their growth, as users started expecting more affordable solutions for their cloud needs.

Sabari recounts a similar experience with RackNap, an ERP system that helps manage the entire spectrum of activities. From lead management to post-delivery support on a single integrated platform.

By collaborating with Plesk, Sabari’s team can fulfil RackNap clients’ requirements. How? Helping them streamline the way they deliver services to their end-customers. Thus, enhancing revenue – as well as reducing costs and risks.

Can ZNetLive and Plesk help MSP generate new revenue streams?

How using Plesk delivers a better service

ZNetLive responded to this demand thanks in part to its long-standing Plesk partnership. Through Plesk, ZNetLive offers managed WordPress hosting with the user-friendly control panel. One of the most popular products in its range. As most ZNetLive customers use WordPress with Plesk plugins to manage their websites even more effectively.

Likewise, RackNap, in combination with Plesk, address market pain points by helping them avoid silos of technology and redundancies. Managing everything from one platform instead.

Sabari knows the hosting industry is maturing at a faster pace. So, players in the industry should adapt and innovate to stay ahead of new technologies, and the changing market’s needs. Thanks Sabari, for recognizing how Plesk does its best in this department too!

“Plesk has invested a lot of effort in enhancing their product as well. We see a lot of good feedback from customers about the quality of what Plesk is able to offer. Kudos to the entire product development team for that!”

-Sabarinathan Sampath

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