How Beebyte Became a Leading Swedish WordPress Hosting Provider

There are two options when choosing a hosting service provider: pay a huge amount of money to a very large provider and sacrifice control and service. Or work with a company like Beebyte, a smaller provider, and get high performance, flexibility, and great customer service. All at a highly competitive rate. 

Beebyte has been a Plesk partner for a year and a half now. It offers a unique and custom-built control panel for virtual servers, VPS, and shared hosting. Recently, we’ve decided to celebrate Beebyte’s journey to success by talking about the business and its partnership with Plesk.

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The Start of Beebyte and its WordPress Solution

Beeybyte Visual

Like many Plesk partners, Beebyte has a small but dedicated team. However, it started with just two people – Niclas Alvebratt and Simon Ekstrand, running everything—including 24/7 support. Having used it on other projects, they have always been Plesk-friendly. Knowing there was a good market for it in Sweden, where the business is based, they decided to set up a small hosting business under the name Beebyte.

Thanks to their previous experience and network, Beebyte got off to a flying start. Knowing that Plesk helps entrepreneurs get started with small business, setting up a business with Plesk was a no-brainer.

After some time and gaining a certain volume of customers, Beebyte grew to a four-person team and started using Plesk’s WP Toolkit. Both Plesk and Beebyte attended WordCamp Nijmeijin in 2019. Earlier Beebyte had attended WordCamp Stockholm and WordCamp Norrköping and gained a good reputation within the Swedish WordPress community.

Beebyte now offers Shared WordPress hosting as one of its main, high-performance solutions. With the help of its solutions, the PHP code is processed faster and visitors get a better experience with a faster page. In Beebyte’s web host, there are smart features for WordPress management such as staging and copying sites, installing and updating free SSL certificates. You can also secure installation with Beebyte’s WordPress security tools and manage updates directly from the web host’s control panel (based on Plesk). Additionally, Beebyte delivers its in-house developed monitoring engine and great customer service within a single pane of administration for both end-users and resellers.

How does Beebyte use Plesk?

Beebyte Dashboard

Beebyte has over a decade of experience on both Windows and Linux platforms. It offers high availability, 100% SSD-based servers and shared hosting. With all services delivered from its state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly data centers in Sweden. As well as senior consultancy services at very competitive rates.

One of the ways Beebyte uses Plesk is to help reduce the number of customer support tickets. Since using Plesk, the tickets have drastically decreased, because a ticket based on the platform can be solved super-fast. On the technical side, Beebyte has a secure, solid platform – but non-tech-savvy customers may struggle. However, with Plesk, the company can resolve everything quite fast.

It also uses Plesk with an automated reseller program, where their customers can resell their full-service catalog. Customers can also add their own branding, and handle payments in a very flexible way. You can find more info on the Beebyte and Plesk combined offering here.

What has Beebyte achieved since Plesk?

Today, Beebyte is at the top when it comes to WordPress and e-commerce hosting in Sweden. Regardless of whether it’s shared hosting, VPS, or multi-server load-balanced solutions. Thanks to its success, Beebyte can focus on delivering new features to all its users. Such as the Iris monitoring tool that combines with Plesk and is neatly integrated into its user portal.

Beebyte is also committed to running a sustainable business that is part of a greater whole. For example, every month it gives employees one day off to engage in social work in a local area, such as helping the homeless or night patrolling. Driven by the belief that a healthy conscience goes hand in hand with a profitable business. 

In line with this approach, the founders also support the Free Software Foundation and the Tor network to help communities in countries with authoritarian regimes with high censorship and privacy concerns.

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