Why our WP Toolkit now has Smart Updates powered by AI

Plesk WP Toolkit Smart Updates

More than 60k websites are victims of hacking every day. And since WordPress is the most popular CMS for building websites, it makes sense that these sites become the preferred target for malicious attacks. What about you – are you covered? Your current practices may be insufficient. Here’s where Smart Updates by AI come in. Available now on the latest WP Toolkit version.

Lack of WordPress updates: The danger is real

Each WordPress update contains important security notifications that make it harder for you and your sites to get hacked. But many users don’t keep WordPress up-to-date. Why? Wed can’t just nail it down to the WordPress community’s lack of care or effort to keep their sites secure and updated. Because that’s simply not true.

So, what is it that holds back certain updates? Well, web professionals and agencies alike know that every update implies the risk of breaking sites, causing downtime and making a lot of customers unhappy. And no one wants that!

Let’s cut out the middleman

Additionally, like many other administrative tasks, running WordPress updates is quite time-consuming. Especially if you do your best to mitigate potential risks. If you want to do it right, you need to:

  1. Create a back-up of your WordPress instances
  2. Copy WordPress to a test stage
    – because you should never apply changes to a production system!
  3. Run the update
  4. Test
  5. Push to production
  6. Test again
  7. Clean up
  8. Potentially more annoying stuff

There must be a simpler process, right? And there is folks! We thought of a smarter way to complete this important task while simplifying the lives of web professionals.

Introducing Smart Updates on Plesk’s WP Toolkit

Plesk Smart Updates powered by Deep Learning technologies makes it as easy as pie to stay secure and keep your WordPress sites up-to-date. Smart Updates run a staged simulation to analyze and verify the compatibility of each available update. It compares the before-after screenshots to check for differences, before applying the update to your production environment.

How Smart Updates works on WP Toolkit

Turn it on and let Smart Updates check whether the planned update will break your production site or is good to go. If an issue gets detected, WP Toolkit will send an Email comprising of an exact description of the issue and including corresponding screenshots.

It’s then completely up to you how you wish to proceed: apply the changes or simply reject them. Smart Updates will always send an alert in case of unwanted line breaks, missing pages or corrupt imagery and videos.

This feature is all part of the new Plesk Onyx update – generally available from April 10, 2018!

Managed Hosting Services – Your Golden Opportunity?

Managed Hosting Services

It’s becoming more and more difficult to grow your business by offering traditional hosting products. Today, the way customers buy technology is at odds with how most hosters have sold it up till now. Moreover, hosting has become a commodity. The market is dominated by a couple of global players who are competing on price – because they can.

So, what do you do if you don’t want to – or simply can’t – compete on price? Then you compete on value, of course.

How Managed Hosting Services boost your value

Add managed hosting services to your standard hosting product portfolio and your strategy quickly becomes feasible and valuable. Here are the top three reasons why.

Short Time-To-Market
Managed Hosting - Short Time-To-Market

A lot of technical expertise already exists inside hosting companies so this will undoubtedly lead to a reduction in the time it takes a product to move from conception to being available for sale.

High Demand

Managed Hosting Services - High Demand

Both enterprises and SMBs often struggle to evaluate the right digital transformation strategies, migrate workloads, manage and secure infrastructure and networks and also have the time to identify a suitable backup and recovery plan.


Growth Opportunity

Managed Hosting - Growth Opportunity

According to Markets and Markets, the global market for managed hosting services will grow to $193.34bn by 2019 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 12.5%.

Additionally, according to 451 Research, users of SaaS and application hosting services will spend 59% on managed services. Enter – you and your business.

Why you should offer Managed Hosting Services too

Offering managed third-party cloud services is a very popular trend with huge growth potential, no doubt. But don’t limit your business to this trend alone as there are more exciting opportunities to stand out. You can add value through managed services, grow your business and make your customers extremely happy.

Here’s one top example from ZNetLive, one of our hosting partners in India. In our ZNetLive/JeetInfo Case Study, we see how they’ve been successfully adding managed hosting services to their bundled offers for quite some time now. Enjoy this inspiring story and consider the same for your business. If you’re ready to give it a try, get in touch with one of our experts today.

See Case Study          Get in Touch

Top 5 Reasons to Sell Managed AWS Services

AWS solutions : top 5 reasons to sell them.

Public Cloud Providers are growing aggressively. So traditional infrastructure providers aren’t responding to new opportunities that rise from third party cloud offerings. According to Structure Research, managed third party cloud markets should reach $US25 bn by 2020! That’s why we want to give you, our Plesk Partner, 5 reasons why you should add managed AWS services to your current sales portfolio:

Managed AWS services bring more revenue1. You’ll drive more revenue

Offering a managed Plesk on AWS, through the AWS Marketplace, is more than just a migration opportunity. This is your chance to serve a broader set of net new customers while increasing recurring revenues from your existing customers.

Managed AWS services - get global reach with Plesk on AWS2. You’ll go global

Local infrastructure offerings are important. But how do you respond to customers who need to go global? By adding Plesk on AWS solutions to your portfolio, you’re actually offering your customers everything they love about Plesk – but on a scalable infrastructure across 16 geographical regions and 44 Availability Zones.

Simplify AWS solutions for web professionals 3. You’ll simplify managed AWS services for web professionals

As a service provider and Plesk partner, you’re the infrastructure expert who understands Cloud, Cloud-based services and the technical details. Be the Cloud journey guide for web professionals – help them manage and scale their websites and applications. AWS is bursting with approximately 50 different services. Services which present immense opportunity to manage complexity on behalf of the growing web professional community.

Increase business opportunities with managed AWS services

4. You’ll increase business opportunities

AWS doesn’t monitor, support or consult – that’s where you can step in. As a Plesk partner you can actually sell a professional solution combined with your unique abilities. Managed services offer a huge range of additional recurring services that your customers want and need. Want some ideas? Here are a few:

  • Full Service Monitoring: You can provide this either based on your onsite tools or the AWS tools that you use.
  • Revenue Spin-offs: According to Structure Research, a high number of managed third party cloud customers were not doing business with the provider before entering into the managed AWS relationship. Those customers would happily pay a premium for unique service level agreements (SLA) or additional collocation services. And they’re not too hard to find either!
  • Local support: Can you speak your customers’ language? Then monetize this advantage. Provide them with the high quality local support they need. If you’re not selling the SLA – your nearest competitor will.
  • Consulting services: Give your customers the ability to do more for themselves. You’re the expert! Whether it’s a tailored setup on the complex AWS infrastructure, or a hybrid approach combining Plesk on AWS with your own data centre capabilities. So bundle your knowledge and become your customer’s Cloud evangelist. Happy customers will stay.

Increase migrations with managed AWS solutions

5. You’ll increase migrations

Let your customers benefit from your expertise and mitigate the risk. Help them to migrate to AWS and add a set of managed services to the deal. 



Still sceptical? Wondering if there’s a meaningful upside potential? Well, we can tell you that, at Plesk, we truly believe it’s a must for infrastructure service providers to add managed third party cloud services to their portfolio. Because we know that:

Cloud is about how you do computing, not where you do it!

– Paul Maritz, former CEO of VMWare

How to Become Web Pro’s Most Wanted Hoster Alive

How To Become Most Successful Web Hoster

Cheap VPS and great support!


My product is cheaper, better, faster and the competition will fail. Great – the website is complete and lists all the infrastructure specs! Now let’s have a snooze and wait for thousands of customers to place the order. Selling online is so easy as pie…

Time to wake up! The modern customer journey is complex and as a hosting company you’ll have to leave your comfort zone made of infrastructure speeds and feeds behind. That is, if you want to be back on the growth path, of course.

Although we strongly recommend differentiating managed offerings, it doesn’t really matter what you’re selling – unless you understand your customers and are able to them a story that builds an emotional attachment to the product.  This is the point where you are very tempted to stop reading, right? Well, hang in there because  you’re about to find out how to easily build a successful go-to-market strategy targeted at Web Professionals and grow your biz.


Young businessman hiding head in the sand

  1. Understand your customer – targeting the WordPress community

Web professionals are very often freelancers who are developing 10-50 websites in parallel. WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) around the globe, holding a market share of 59.5% according to W3Techs’ Technology Market Report on WordPress – June 2016. In other words, WordPress is used by 26.4% of all websites in the world. The services web pros provide to their end-customers do not only include website design and web application development but often both website administration and management. Although the WordPress developer community can be fairly technical, they usually show very little to no interest in managing infrastructure. The really good news is that the vast majority of web pros do not offer hosting services at all!  They need you to complete their service portfolio.

Unlike the SMB customer, web pros focus on the things that are relevant to their job and prefer a direct communication style. Word of mouth is key so they hardly pay attention to paid advertising whereas a recommendation provided by an influencer in a blog post will drive buying behavior. Web pros use their own language full of abbreviations that are unknown to the outside world. What’s more, only 37% of this group would buy directly from a vendor website that has neither been recommended through social media nor blogs.

Top 3 topics that matter to web pros are security, security and security. If you ask for more you can catch their attention by offering mass-management options of multiple WordPress instances, how to harden up sites with one click, the automation of day-to-day tasks as well as auto-detection of malfunctions including self-repair functionalities.

What about disc space, RAM, SSD, processors, etc.? Well, although SSD does resonate, all other hardware specs come second or third. Understanding the web professional implies that experts like you can size the infrastructure. No need to list all the details prominently on your website. Instead, have a closer look at how you present your business online.


  1. Understand your business

Think about your business against your key offerings and verticals. A lot of websites grow over time with multiple individuals working on different sections. For instance, are you calling a VPS a Cloud Server because this is a kind of must have these days? Using consistent language across your entire website is not only relevant from an SEO perspective but also important to avoid confusion among your customers. To improve your current website you should check if:


  • You’re using specific messages and keywords that address your target audience(s) and are comprehensive about the respective solution, your geography, your vertical and your satisfied customers?
  • You can instantaneously answer the question ¨why should I buy from you rather than the nearest competitor who offers the same cheap VPS for less money?¨
  • Your current value propositions really differentiate you from your nearest competitor (hosters are always offering the best support ever, aren’t they)?
  • You see an opportunity to move away from generic hosting solutions: Web Hosting vs. Digital Agency Solutions or Web Hosting vs. Managed WordPress Hosting?


Finding the right answers to these 4 questions above is the first step to understanding the most important moments along the journey for your customers.

Stay tuned, the next article of this series will feature more insights in the customer journey and what you can do to accelerate sales conversion.

Free Plesk University Certifications

Plesk University Certifications

 Free Plesk University certifications available until August 31st 2016

Trained to lead – skilled to win

If you think training and certification are a waste of time, think again. A certificate is not only a great way to show legitimate competency in your skill set but to also prove to your customers that you have what it takes to deploy, maintain, administer and troubleshoot. Your boss will notice how time to market accelerates as well as faster and more effective task completion.

Summertime is the time to boost your brain – come and register with Plesk University now.  All Plesk 12.5 exams are offered for free until August 31st, 2016. Just complete theses 5 simple steps:

  1. Create an account or log in to Plesk University.
  2. Verify your Email address (new account creation only).
  3. As a novice, select Plesk 12.5 Professional training. If you are a Plesk guru we recommend Plesk 12.5 for Linux Expert or Plesk 12.5 for Windows Expert.
  4. Take the self-paced training modules anywhere and anytime.
  5. Upon successful completion of the training modules, register for the respective proctored online exam and join the fast growing Plesk certified community.

Whether you want to drive organizational innovation, differentiate from the competition or simply unleash the full potential of hosting solutions powered by Plesk – get certified now!