How our SEO Toolkit helps you boost visibility and outrank competitors

Your SEO needs to be top-shelf to help your customers find you, and more importantly, to pick you over your competitors. And with the SEO Toolkit from Plesk, you’ll be able to get there. Design and execute your SEO strategy. Monitor your rankings. And measure how you compare to the competition. All in one place.

Why get another SEO tool?

While other tools largely offer research capabilities to identify new keywords to use or report keywords used by competitors, they don’t offer the ability to go further and enable daily actions. The Plesk SEO Toolkit will give you this much-needed feature. Not to mention equip you with suggested daily actions to increase your site’s visibility on search engines.

To top it all off, the SEO Toolkit is a server-based proposition. Thus providing you increased efficiency, while at the same time driving costs down. With a completely free base plan, you have the freedom to get minimum benefits for life. Or even upgrade with the flexibility to only pay for the features you need.

How the SEO Toolkit works

The SEO Toolkit provides a daily overview of your site’s performance. Paired with Plesk Onyx 17.0 onwards, the toolkit enhances your site’s competitiveness in the market. In addition to market-standard features, like a KPI dashboard, the SEO toolkit offers on-server Log analysing features.

You can monitor how your keywords rank, as well as compare your performance against competitors. The SEO Toolkit will then go one step further. It’ll suggest actions you should take to boost your rankings and increase competitiveness.

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Get acquainted with these 4 SEO Toolkit Features

Site Audits

Site audits analyse your website for common SEO issues like crawlability, and provide immediate optimization recommendations. By automating the checks for common SEO reviews like home page SEO, the site audit feature will provide you an actionable list of issues and solutions. Site audits also report on other issues like uniqueness of your website url and duplicate content within your site or on the web.

You can analyze search traffic, as well as review any crawl errors identified by the audit.

Logfile Analyzer

The logfile analyzer allows server-side review and parsing of logfiles, and provides meaningful reports on your web traffic. You can review search engine crawler activity on your website, and optimize your site for better online indexing and therefore better ranking.

The analyzer also provides in depth analysis about your visitors, their characteristics and their preferences, all of which are valuable inputs into boosting your site’s performance even further. You have the power to shortlist the browsers and OS you should optimise your site for, as well as what times in a day or days of the week when you need more server power to support peak traffic.

SEO Advisor

This is really a culmination of everything the SEO toolkit offers. The SEO adviser summarises a list that represents key recommended tasks you can do today to improve your site’s SEO. Actionable insights cover duplicated content, defective links and H1/H2/H3 tags, in addition to identifying high-volume keywords.

The Next best steps feature prioritises actions you would most benefit from immediately. Do you need to add more backlinks? Should you update and relaunch the content on a particular page? The SEO advisor does all this thinking for you.

Rank Tracker

The rank tracker provides detailed comparison of your keywords’ performance against competition. This feature allows you to respond to ranking changes quickly and efficiently, and provides you a platform from which to compete with and outlast your competition consistently.

The tracker brings laser focus to your efforts to climb atop SERPs and be front and center in your customers’ search results.

Your SEO friend and expert at no cost

The Plesk SEO Toolkit is an ideal companion to your Onyx subscription. And presents a significant upgrade, even if you have other SEO suites in your arsenal. Anyone looking to boost their site’s visibility in search engines, strategy and performance should at least try its unique features.

So go ahead and install the SEO toolkit extension for free! Or if you wish, browse around our SEO Toolkit offerings. Our tiered pricing gives a range of premium features to get the best out of your SEO efforts.

Don’t have Plesk yet?

Look no further. See how we can help grow your hosting or dev business with our many offerings, tailored for the individual web professional and/or IT administrators. Our team will be happy to meet you and show you around.


  1. One thing isn’t clear for me here. If we have 2,000 keywords per server on Agency plan, how we can limit our hosting clients on number of keywords they can monitor because if this is open to client so he can enter as much as he can then this number of keywords isn’t enough as he can quickly spend all the pool!

    • Laura from Plesk
      Laura from Plesk Moderator

      Hi Ivan! There’s a setting called ‘Rank Tracker Crawls’ where you can limit the number of keywords. You’ll find this feature on the ‘Service Plans’ tab of your panel. Hope this helps!

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