The Plesk HoliDeals Calendar is back (Part 1)

Smart Updates now included in WP Toolkit Deluxe

The Plesk HoliDeals Calendar is back!

You heard it. We are once again funneling a sizeable chunk of our next-level Plesk portfolio into our HoliDeals, delivering 50% discounts on yearly licenses to drive your business forward into the new year. 

For 24 days, starting December the 1st, Plesk offers 24 giveaways, including extensions, feature packs, toolkits, and licenses… in short, all the good stuff to rock your toolbox and turn the tide with Plesk on your side. 

Follow the HoliDeals on our dedicated page.

As we have plenty in store for you this year, we shall begin by covering the first part of the HoliDeals Calendar, starting with the first 12 gifts coming your way these next few days. So without further ado, here’s part 1 of the Plesk HoliDeals Calendar for you:

#1. Plesk Web Admin License

As the saying goes, keep your friends close but your Web Admin closer; we decided to start the HoliDeals Calendar with an abundance of comfort, a blanket of joy for those in an administrative role.

With the Plesk Web Admin license, you are set to travel the lands of an online business in comfort. Easily explore the essentials of website management and domains (up to 10x) together with a reliable support service available 24/7 for your every need. 

Discount: 50% Off yearly Plesk Web Admin license, VPS or Dedicated.

#2. Business & Collaboration Pack

The Business & Collaboration pack is truly something mighty to unpack. The B&C delivers it all. What’s that? Well, a set of value-driven tools to upgrade your business to the next tier.

For starters, this ready-to-use solution included Acronis Server Backup, SEO Toolkit Business Edition, Email Security Pro, ImunifyAV, Backup to Cloud Pro, and more. 

What’s that about more? Well, you also receive 30x Premium Email Mailboxes and WordPress Smart Updates for 10x websites. So, the question is not how far this ready-to-use solution can take you but how far you are willing to go!

Discount: 50% Off Business & Collaboration Pack yearly license.

#3. Joomla! Toolkit 

Dear passengers, this is your Joomla! Toolkit speaking. We are currently flying over rough terrain, so please fasten your seatbelts and get ready to Build, Secure, and Run your sites! 

The Joomla! Toolkit enables you to enhance the security and maintenance of Joomla! sites from a single point of entry. Enjoy a complete solution to mass-manage, secure, and automate all your Joomla! Instances, extensions, and templates. It’s CMS without the stress.

Discount: 50% Off Joomla! Toolkit yearly license.

#4. Backup to Cloud Pro

The Backup to Cloud Pro extension enables users to schedule automatic Backups on cloud storage easily. Set up multiple backup schedules for Plesk resellers, clients, and subscriptions.

An ideal pick for web professionals and hosting companies, Backup to Cloud Pro remains a hassle-free cloud storage experience. So get ready to backup, buttercup!

Discount: 50% Off Backup to Cloud Pro yearly license.

#5. ImunifyAV+

Zero threats allowed is the name of the game for ImunifyAV+, an intelligent antivirus and security monitoring service for websites that includes one-click malware scanning, cleanup, and Reputation management. 

Offer customers the comfort of more complete and automated web protection, schedule website checks and cleanups, and become immune to all threats, from viruses and adware to trojans and worms.

Discount: 50% Off ImunifyAV+ yearly license.

#6. Plesk Web Pro License

A Web Pro License. Shaken, not stirred. Although not exactly a license to kill, the Plesk Web Pro edition does provide you with a sense of professionalism that Bond-like martini drinkers can only dream of.

Designed for web professionals who seek complete flexibility to build, secure, and run highly optimized and customizable websites. Receive all the features, including the complete WP Toolkit, to automate and mass-manage your projects in style and comfort. 

Discount: 50% Off yearly Plesk Web Pro license, VPS or Dedicated.

#7. Plesk Email Security

To secure or not to secure, is that the question? No, it’s not! 

Indeed, email security remains a priority with the neverending cycle of cyber threats trying to share malicious content with your online network. The Plesk Email Security extension is the ideal solution to protect your business from such inconveniences, especially with an all-in-one interface to manage incoming threats better. 

With Plesk Email Security, you are ready to secure your mailboxes with zero effort. It’s simple, no security, no party! 

Discount: 50% Off yearly license on Plesk Email Security Pro.

#8. SEO Toolkit

Whether you are promoting a brand, owning a web store, or simply working yourself up the ladders of the world, visibility is essential. Indeed, it’s all about the ability to be seen, especially when standing out amongst the rest.

With the Plesk SEO Toolkit, you get exactly what you need to be found. Enable yourself to improve your search engine rankings by testing, analyzing, and monitoring your websites and competitors. 

So are you ready to improve your search engine rankings? No more hiding. It’s time to shine!

Discount: 50% Off yearly license on SEO Toolkit Personal.

#9. 360 Monitoring

Coming in hot is our 360 Monitoring solution! Embrace a top-notch…wait wait wait. 

Yes, I hear you saying, surely the power of this tool cannot be transformed into a line of copy in a blog post. Fair enough, here’s a link to the new website, read on!

#10. WP Pack

The ideal pack to manage your WordPress instances is here. Create your own Managed WordPress offer with everything you need. The WP Pack transforms your Plesk server into an easy-to-use WordPress Manager. 

Coming packed with WordPress Smart Updates for up to 30 websites, SEO Toolkit Personal Edition, SpeedKit for 1x website, BoldGrid (a Drag & Drop Editor for WordPress), Backup to Cloud Pro, and ImunifyAV. So get ready, you’re gonna need a bigger toolbox.

Discount: 50% Off WP Pack yearly license.

#11. Imunify360

Imunify360 to mission control. I repeat, Imunify360 to mission control. We are taking over!

Yes, as if adding a plus sign wasn’t enough, Imunify360 is going all in, offering a complete and multi-layered web server security solution that includes all ImunifyAV+ features as well as firewall, WAF, IDS/IPS, KernelCare, Backup integration, and more. A modular and scalable solution for all sizes and scopes of investment. Hasta la vista, virus!

Discount: 50% off Imunify360’s yearly license for a single user.

#12. WP Toolkit

Of course, we end this first part of the HoliDeals Calendar with the tool to end all tools, the amazing and wonderful (someone dim the lights), mister WP Toolkit! Bravo! Bravo! 

The Plesk WP Toolkit is the most complete, secure, and versatile toolkit, offering a feature-rich management interface to install, configure and manage all your WordPress sites with a 150+ extension catalog. 

Yes, it’s almost too good to be true. WP Toolkit yearly license, 50% off? Say no more! 

Don’t Miss a Gift!

What about Hosters? What about my page speed, containers, DNS protocols, kernel patching… what about my bike? Well, although we cannot fix your bike, we do have a lot more in store for you! So stay tuned for new deals with the second part of our Plesk HoliDeals Calendar coming up next.

Follow your gifts on our dedicated page of the Plesk HoliDeals Calendar.

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