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How to Protect Your Websites with Plesk Security Extensions

One of the Plesk’s features is the ability to quickly add extensions that improve your system’s functionality. You can search for ones that will handle your site’s appearance, backup, mail.-Or for Plesk security extensions. We’re constantly adding new ones too. So savvy developers can also upload their own apps.

Your Need for Security

The main aims of cyber attacks are to gather sensitive information on users or to disable your website. Either situation results in damaging the victim’s reputation and possibly financial loss too. So it makes sense to protect your website using the various online tools available. Luckily, you can get some of the most popular Plesk security extensions directly on your platform.

This Year’s Plesk Security Extensions

These recently-released, powerful extensions are some of the best tools to combat online threats. Warden Anti-spam and Virus Protection, for example, has an intelligent solution to screen emails. Different elements of emails actually, against a number of databases and collaborative network systems.

Another solution to protect websites is Revisium Antivirus for Websites. It offers round-the-clock protection on both free and premium plans. Opting for the premium package also gives you an automatic cleanup and user notifications.

Sucuri Security Scanner is another popular free extension which protects websites. This tool continually monitors your website and checks for malware and blacklist warnings. Meanwhile, Nimbusec Webhosting Security also offers website protection, but it doesn’t have a free service. You can say it’s your website’s fire alarm. Alerting you as soon as there’s any hacking attempts or other security issues.

Want a more advanced protection system, including an SPI firewall and intrusion detection? Then Juggernaut Security and Firewall is the extension you need. This premium tool requires some system administration experience to use effectively. Juggernaut specializes in protecting network access, whilst tracking both internal and external threats.

With so much monitoring required to ensure a protected system, you could probably use some help. Advisor is an extension which takes the important role of your virtual assistant. This tool carries out automatic scans on both websites and servers, looking out for trouble spots which require your attention. It also offers recommendations to fix various issues, making it an ideal tool for beginners.

Keys to keeping your system safe

Theses extensions’ functionalities protect your website, server, email and network from potential threats. They’re all updated with the latest security technology in order to protect your assets from even the most recent attacks. Since some extensions require system administration, it’s important that you choose the right tool based on your knowledge and experience.

Your Plesk platform makes it extremely easy to add any of its extensions. Through our extensive catalog, you can install all of the latest security extensions outlined above. As well as a whole range of other functional and popular ones.

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