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Sucuri Security Scanner


Sucuri Security Scanner – What does it do?

The Sucuri Security Scanner remotely detects website security issues, blacklist warnings, and malware visible in the source code. You can set a custom scan time and the alerting mechanism will notify the server administrator if any warnings are detected.


  • Detect website malware infections
  • Monitor blacklist status (Google, McAfee, etc.)
  • Set up scans as a scheduled task
  • Receive email notifications for security issues
  • View website security details and information

About Sucuri

Sucuri is a website security provider that helps system administrators ensure the integrity and availability of their websites. Our SaaS cloud-based solutions are built on state of the art technology, excellent customer service, and a deep passion for research.


Q: How does the Sucuri Security Scanner work? A: This extension uses the public API of Sucuri SiteCheck to detect malicious content on your website. API requests are executing using daily Scheduled Tasks.

Q: Can I scan my domains multiple times a day? A: You can execute a scan manually from the Reports tab.

Q: How long does it take the scan to complete? A: Public API requests are limited to scanning three domains per minute.

Q: How do I change the automatic scan schedule for my account? A: The scan schedule can be modified from the Settings tab.

Q: Can you notify me when a threat is detected on my website? A: Yes, you can enable email notifications from the Settings tab.

Install Sucuri Security Scanner extension

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