Nimbusec Website Security Monitor & Abuse Process Automation

VPS Hosting
Dedicated hosting
Hyperscale cloud platforms and Plesk

Nimbusec detects malware, defacements and blacklisting. With its extensive API and multi-user framework Nimbusec is fully integrated into your Plesk infrastructure and can even be offered as value added security service. Attractive re-selling programs for web hosters including white-labeling are available. Nimbusec’s SPAM Shell, 0-Day root shell and CMS version detection capability protect your IP reputation, decrease unwanted traffic and reduce server load. As a hosting provider you can support your customers with pro-active help and use Nimbusec to remove malware infections fast. As a European product Nimbusec takes privacy seriously. Business data never leaves monitored servers and all functions are available without remote access rights. Find out more at

RequiresPlesk 12.0 and up