Nimbusec Website Security Monitor & Abuse Process Automation

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Hyperscale cloud platforms and Plesk

Nimbusec detects malware, defacements and blacklisting. With its extensive API and multi-user framework Nimbusec is fully integrated into your Plesk infrastructure and can even be offered as value added security service. Attractive re-selling programs for web hosters including white-labeling are available. Nimbusec’s SPAM Shell, 0-Day root shell and CMS version detection capability protect your IP reputation, decrease unwanted traffic and reduce server load. As a hosting provider you can support your customers with pro-active help and use Nimbusec to remove malware infections fast. As a European product Nimbusec takes privacy seriously. Business data never leaves monitored servers and all functions are available without remote access rights. Find out more at

Requires Plesk 12.0 and up
Developer Nimbusec
Category  Security
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