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Build your extension

Make it your way
Plesk Extensions open SDK lets you integrate all your features and services.

Quick and simple
Create your extension with our straightforward SDK and open API. Our Plesk specialists and technology partners will be on hand to help you through every step of your extension development.

Complete flexibility
Decide the level of simplicity or sophistication, from simple builds using SSO linked to 3rd party services, to fully-featured, fully-integrated native experiences for the Plesk ecosystem.

See build an extension workflow >

Sell your extensions

Reach millions of potential customers
Open new revenue streams and sell your extension through our 2500 service provider partners and over 377,000 Plesk servers hosting over 11 million websites.

One-stop management and licensing
Manage your extension from a central entry point, sell through our licensing system, and then market it through Plesk channels.

Success through collaboration
We’ll create a joint business case with a joint go-to-market strategy that differentiates and targets web professionals and service providers worldwide.

See commercial workflow >

Promote your extension

Simple business model to productize your Extension
Configure your extension in different packages and server license options. Align with Plesk solutions, bundles or editions so they’re simple to understand.

See proposed business model >

One place for joint marketing
List your extensions on the Plesk Extensions Catalog, bundle them with complementary products and services, and bring extra value to your customers.

Multi-channel, multi-media
Launch joint marketing and sales campaigns through social media, blogs, email campaigns and outreaching activities.

Let’s get started with your Plesk Extension!

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  • How we can help you build your extension and certificate
  • Introduce you to one of our integrators to support you

You may also preview and evaluate the Plesk Extensions SDK here.

What our partners say

  • “Plesk Onyx is truly a revolutionary version of Plesk; I love Multi Server feature that allows centralized account management across multiple Plesk instances.”

    Dakshesh Verma
    Dakshesh Verma Head of Marketing, ZNetLive
  • “3essentials is excited about Plesk Onyx. I’m personally really excited about the Git integration, I know our customers will love this feature.”

    Geoff Gauldin
    Geoff Gauldin Founder/CEO, 3Essentials
  • “We’re thrilled to be among the first web hosting companies who made Plesk Onyx available to its customers. As we keep building on our partnership with Plesk and our commitment to providing a market-leading user experience to our customers, we are particularly excited to bring Git integration, mass-management of WordPress instances, plugins, and themes, and extensions for deploying Ruby and Node.js apps.”

    J A Gregor
    J A Gregor Senior Product Manager, Media Temple
  • "I like to think that the strength and power of Plesk is at its core and the flexibility and functionality is in its extensions."

    Jamin Andrews
    Jamin Andrews CEO, Conetix
  • “We are very excited about Plesk Onyx that provides everything that web developers love.”

    Ray Zheng
    Ray Zheng CEO, Racent
  • Plesk Onyx is a great developing tool for IT professionals. Its new features ease most of the daily tasks in website administration, even if they are managing a huge number of sites created with different apps and technologies. In Arsys we are focused on facilitating the day-to-day work of technical teams on their way to the Cloud, so Plesk Onyx is the perfect complement to our solutions”

    Susana Juan
    Susana Juan Sales Manager of Cloud & Servers, Arsys
  • "Plesk simplifies the use of open source platforms such as Docker and provides enhanced security through the one-click system update functionality. This is a true value-add for both our customers and Strato as a provider."

    Sandro Malinowski
    Sandro Malinowski Product Management, Strato Germany

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