Web Hosting News Roundup for July: What’s the latest?

This month’s web hosting news starts with reports of a potential IPO for the UK’s fastest-growing hosting provider, Google.  They’re collaborating with GitHub and other tech giants on new projects. Moreover, Alibaba is strengthening their cloud footprint in Asia by investing in further infrastructure in Malaysia. Check it out.

Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook collaborate on Data Transfer Project

The software and internet giants are working hand-in-hand on a new initiative called the Data Transfer Project. This’ll enable users to transfer data between online platforms more conveniently. Because this eliminates the need to download and re-upload info. We like this.

The Data Transfer Project will improve on existing data export tools already available. And they do this by implementing adapters that allow a wider range of content to move across different service providers.

We think one important bit though is ensuring data security and privacy when using adapters. But according to Google, users will have to authenticate each account they own independently before transferring data. Data will also be encrypted both ways using a unique key that we generate for each transfer. So all good there.

Alibaba Cloud launches new availability zone in Malaysia

Alibaba Cloud has expanded their cloud footprint by launching a second availability zone in Malaysia. This move will allow the company to improve its cloud capacity. Thus, providing better cloud computing service that copes with the increased demand by users in the region. Makes sense.

They plan to invest further in Malaysia by opening their first anti DDoS scrubbing center in August. “The launch of our Availability Zone B and Anti-DDoS Scrubbing Center will enable us to offer even greater security and choice for our customers,” said Kenny Tan, Malaysia General Manager at Alibaba Cloud.

Google integrates new CI/CD platform with GitHub

So Google announced they’re working closely with GitHub to integrate Cloud Build on its platform during Google Cloud Next 2018. Cloud Build is a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform that lets developers build and test apps in the cloud. Plus, they can scale them quickly. How do we feel about this, guys?

Jason Warner, SVP of Technology at GitHub said “The ability to use Cloud Build for CI as a part of the GitHub workflow is just the start of this partnership and we look forward to building more in the future with Google.” This integration also allows developers to push directly to Google App Engine and other services, as well as gain a lot of useful data about their builds from within GitHub.

Hosting provider UKFast considering IPO, experts value company at £350M+

UKFast picked GCA Altium, global investment bank, to review their growth options with an IPO. We hear experts estimate it to be worth over £350M.

Did you know it’s a family-owned hosting company, based in Manchester, that employs just around 450 people? But reports indicate that UKFast registered organic growth of 18% in 2017. Thus, making it one of the fastest-growing hosting providers in the UK. So ones to watch for sure.

“UKFast is now at a stage where it has strong brand equity and our products have evolved to be truly world class. Last year’s 18% growth demonstrates that we’re continuing to innovate and that we’ve got something special here,” said Lawrence Jones, CEO.

Last year, UKFast bought public sector cloud and security firm – Secure-IA. And even more recently, the company announced the launch of new subsidiary led ClearCloud. This aims to broaden their multi-cloud offering to their base of 5,000 clients. Not bad, right?

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