WebPros at CloudFest 2023

With 6,000+ participants, 250+ speakers, and 150+ partners from 65 countries, Cloudfest is bigger and bolder than the rest. Therefore, we were eager to be present this year to continue our tradition of sponsoring and attending the world’s #1 Cloud Industry event

Cloudfest 2023, what a ride!

WebPros at Cloudfest '23

This year, we again gathered our heads and resources at the unique and colorful Europa Park in Germany from the 20th until the 23rd of March, sharing with partners and the community the power of innovation and the solutions to make a digital business work from end to end.

Did we go all-in this year? Yeah, we sure did! But don’t worry. We’ve saved the best to share with you here.

WebPros in the Spotlight

The WebPros Booth

Going strong together under the WebPros umbrella, we have united in full force to take the floor by storm with a series of expert talks and master classes – both on and off stage – right here at the place to be in the south of Germany. 

WebPros offers, much like Europa Park: one journey, many destinations. Let’s take you there:

Hackathon '23: Let's hack

We had a ton of fun at the hackathon this year. Bringing the WebPros team together for a hack or two, it was a thrill to once again explore our skills to turn ideas into reality indeed. 

The team came up with the WappSpector, a CLI utility to scan and identify the CMS/top frameworks used in a hosting server’s website. The main goal of this hackathon project was to create an MVP of the CLI utility, one that will scan the vhost’s folders and display results for the most popular CMS/eCommerce/framework technologies used in the websites it is hosting.

WordPress Day: A new first

Under the guidance of WebPros, Cloudfest 23′ saw the addition of an extra day, a WordPress centered day, to assist internet infrastructure professionals to unlock their full potential with the world’s leading CMS, WordPress.

To help companies unlock the power of WordPress, we tailored an Introductory Keynote speech, and an Expert talk, to share the innovative solutions to optimize your WordPress experience together with WebPros.

WordPress by the Numbers

Introductory Keynote speech: Jan Loeffler – CTO at Plesk.

Last year, Jan took the crowd on a journey through the new revenue avenues of server management. This time around, Jan tackled a series of topics, answering several questions in the best interest of all things WordPress.

Jan Loeffler WebPros

How many registered domains are there out there? Is WordPress dominance strong among them? Is EVERYONE doing WOOCommerce? What makes a WordPress user tick? These and more were some of topics we had in store for the Introductory Keynote speech.

WebPros Enhancements for Best-in-Class WordPress Experience

Expert​ Talk presented by: Andrey Kugaevskiy & Kelli Gray – Product Managers at WebPros.

It’s about more than just traditional hosting, and who better than seasonal hosting product manager Kelli Gray,  and WordPress veteran Andrey Kugaevskiy, to share with the community how WebPros can enable you to reach new peaks.

With WordPress day being first on the menu, it was an absolute pleasure to share the solutions to optimize end customers’ WP experience, discover how to patch security gaps, and so much more with the WordPress Service Provider community.

Cloudfest Day One

WordPress Security: Going above and beyond

Expert Talk presented by: Andrey Kugaevskiy & Alexandra Prokhorova – Product Managers at WebPros.

Our WP Toolkit has protected WordPress sites hosted on Plesk and cPanel for years. But what about protecting WordPress installations hosted somewhere else? Discover WP Guard!

WordPress veteran, Andrey Kugaevskiy, was called back on stage together with Alexandra Prokhovora, Lead product manager at WebPros, to share with the community how to go above and beyond WordPress security.

Use Privacy to Differentiate Your Cloud Business

Master Class presented by: David Snead and Thomas Rickert – General Counsel for cPanel, and Director of the Names & Numbers Forum.

In this Master Class, industry veterans, David Snead and Thomas Rickert, discussed how intermediaries can do so much more than simply navigate issues related to privacy. Doing so, they showed how “being stuck in the middle” of the Internet gives you the opportunity to use privacy to build your business and distinguish yourself from those companies who are stuck in the past.

David Snead WebPros

While Thomas Rickert assisted clients in analyzing the flow of data through their software, saving time and resources, WebPros leverages corporate commitment to privacy to create a customer-supporting, privacy-friendly, and unique privacy framework.

Cloudfest Day Two

Unleashing the Power of Innovation: A Game Changer for Your Business Growth

Expert Talk presented by: Jan Loeffler – CTO at Plesk.

Jan returned to the stage on the second day to explore how to unleash the power of WebPros’ latest innovations to drive growth and maximize revenues. Showcasing WebPros’ game-changing solutions, Jan demonstrated how to stay ahead of the game in this competitive Cloud Service Provider and Web Hosting market.

Monitoring: Why is it so Important to Your Company

Expert Talk presented by: Vincent Van Megen – Head of Monitoring Platform at 360 Monitoring.

Vincent Van Megen took the stage to talk about the powerful 360 Monitoring, the complete monitoring solution to always keep you up to speed with everything happening in and around your infrastructure. Sharing examples of how clients achieved to provide better end-customer support thanks to our monitoring solution.

Vincent Van Megen

AI-Driven SEO: Why is it so Important to Your Customers

Expert Talk presented by: Niko Körner – Head of XOVI.

Finally, ending strong with Niko, head of XOVI, we showed how the power of AI can assist users in increasing their online visibility to reach a wider audience together with XOVI NOW.

Niko Körner

Cloudfest Day Three

The WebPros Booth

Things were looking smooth at the WebPros booth. Solutions to the left, goodies to the right, and many smiles stuck in the middle with you.

Although it is impossible to summarize the many conversations held at the booth, in general rather than particular, we’ve explored the customer’s journey together with the innovative WebPros solutions that aim to provide a digital presence for everyone.

Besides sharing the WebPros ‘23 roadmap and taking visitors on a front-seat tour to see what’s up next, we shared tailored solutions to help define a niche to move into a new direction. We discussed how to identify essential go-to-market strategies and trends

Overall, we’ve entered new conversations to learn how to transform tech expertise into valuable solutions and future opportunities.

A warm thank you to the community

We thank you again for participating in Cloudfest 2023. We hope you continue enjoying being part of the community, and welcome you here to stay. See you next year!

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