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This extension is no longer available.


This extension is no longer available.

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Note: This extension has been discontinued. 

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Plesk brings you a unique tool to efficiently manage multiple social media pages across multiple platforms, and even allowing multiple users to post.

Introducing Sóshlr, the Social Media Management Solution for businesses that lets you do just that. Specifically built for SMB’s (small to medium sized businesses) with intuitive, simple navigation – it’s clutter free and oh so easy to use. We like to think of this extension as social media bliss.

Give your business simplified controls to create, publish and monitor posts and comments inside Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. View community feeds on Instagram. All this from a central, single beautifully intuitive dashboard.

Sóshlr packages Sóshlr Solo Sóshlr Starter Sóshlr Advanced Sóshlr Master
User Accounts
Number of Users 1 2 5 20
User Permission Controls No Yes Yes Yes
Number of Pages on each Platform
Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Instagram 3 8 16 50
Other Features
Analytics All packages have access to the Analytics Feature
Media Library All packages have access to the Media Library Feature

Use one dashboard to manage all of your social media accounts from a single location.

Central Management
Sóshlr provides the capability for a business to centrally manage its social media presence with greater control and visibility of activity – both community and user.

Security and Brand Control

A business can now protect their brand on social media with Sóshlr’s built in user and brand controls.

Asset Management

Manage content and view community feeds across multiple business pages and accounts across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram from a single dashboard.


Schedule posts and campaigns across one or more platforms and pages simultaneously, minimizing the need to individually log into each platform or page to make a post.

Approval Process

Sóshlr delivers built in approval mechanisms to enable a business greater control over content publishing.

Individual User Permissions

Minimize the need to grant users direct access to a social media account, but rather give them access to Sóshlr.  Control user access and monitor user activity with a built in granular user permission structure.

Central Visibility

Sóshlr enables a business to centrally view all standard platform analytics, community feeds and campaign activity for your pages, from a single dashboard.

Media Library and Storage

Sóshlr allows a business to store and share approved content such as graphics and pre-approved text and video links, giving greater control over what images and content is published to social media.

Social Listening

Sóshlrs’ Social listening allows the tracking of given keywords and phrases throughout social media to see who is mentioning them and give insights into the buzz around the brand.

Language Support

Sóshlr supports multiple languages so each user can navigate the solution in their own native language.


Within Sóshlr the user can see post performance, generate reports based on posts or pages and get a quick aggregated overview of success for a specified timeframe.

For SMB’s, time is precious, and finding the time to effectively manage social media on one page is hard enough. It is estimated that it takes a business 32 hours a month to manage just one page.

For any organization with multi-social media presence–many pages, many platforms–finding the time to post updates and effectively engage their community to grow their business socially can seem an impossible task.

How will Sóshlr help?

  1. Sóshlr will save SMBs time by simplifying social media management across multiple pages and platforms.
  2. Sóshlr will deliver greater controls for SMBs to manage who has access and authorization to post content.
  3. Sóshlr will enable SMBs to achieve consistent branding, easily.

Simply put: Sóshlr empowers you to easily manage social media and focus your saved time on growing the business.

Install the Sóshlr Extension today! Download and install directly on your server or purchase through our online store and start using Sóshlr right away!

Note: This extension has been discontinued. 

Requires Plesk 12.5 and up
Developer Sóshlr
Category  SEO & Social Media
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