Imunify360 - Web Server Security Ultimate Solution
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Imunify360: Automated Cybersecurity for Linux Web Servers

Imunify360 is the complete, multi-layered web server security platform. It has:

  • An advanced firewall/WAF with machine-learning rulesets;
  • IDS/IPS;
  • Automatic virus & malware scanning and removal;
  • Malicious PHP script detection and blocking ("Proactive Defense" component);
  • Rebootless kernel patch updating ("KernelCare" component);
  • Web host panel integration.

Imunify360 stops the latest attack types, including:

  • Brute-force attacks at both network and HTTP levels;
  • Vulnerability exploitation, including 0-day attacks;
  • DoS (denial of service);
  • Port scanning;
  • and many others.

Imunify360 makes it easy to secure websites:

  • Fully automated operation keeps servers safe and eliminates human error;
  • AI-powered "herd protection" aggregates and leverages threat intelligence reports from other installations;
  • An integrated security console built into your hosting control panel;
  • Convenience of a robust CLI, for automation and reporting;
  • Supplied with world-class 24x7x365 technical support included.

Imunify360 is supported on Plesk 17.0 and up, installed on the following Linux distributions: CentOS 6/7, Cloudlinux OS 6/7, Ubuntu 16/18, RHEL 6/7.

To learn more about Imunify360, visit:

Version 4.7.6
Requires 17.0
Developer CloudLinux
Platform unix
Category Monitoring
Server Tools

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