Transfer of DNS Records

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Transfer of DNS Records


Changing your DNS configuration is often a hassle. If you use an external DNS service and then you decide to use Plesk as a DNS server (primary or secondary), you have to add a bunch of DNS records to Plesk one by one manually. And vice versa, if you use Plesk as a DNS server and then decide to switch to an external DNS service, you face the same monotonous challenge of adding DNS records but to the service.

With the "Transfer of DNS Records" extension, you can now transfer DNS records to and from Plesk with just a few clicks.

The extension can do the following:

  • Import DNS records from a zone file you got from the DNS service, verify if the DNS records are correct, and add the DNS records you select to Plesk (overwriting already existing DNS records if necessary). The extension does all of that automatically. You just need to upload the zone file.
  • Export DNS records of the selected domain to a zone file, which you can later use to automatically import the DNS records to an external DNS service.
  • Automatically look up DNS records to request all DNS records from a remote server.
  • Apply predefined DNS templates for the Google Workspace and Office 365 services.

Additional information

  • When the extension is installed, its features are available to the Plesk administrator and customers.
  • The DNS record import can change the default TTL of the domain DNS zone in Plesk to the default TTL in a zone file.

CLI reference

You can also run the extension via the CLI. Execute plesk ext dns-transfer help for more details.

Install Transfer of DNS Records extension

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