How to automate server protection with the Imunify Products Family

Running a web hosting business is … challenging. You need to host sites implemented with many different supporting technologies, covering a wide variety of business sectors. And you need to choose an all-encompassing, well-integrated security solution, with a particular focus on the needs of web hosters. The new Imunify Products Family is that solution.

CloudLinux built it with deep knowledge of the hosting industry’s problems: website integrity and security. Any of the following questions ever cross your mind?

  • How do you keep servers up to date with the latest security patches? And how do you do it automatically, with zero downtime and minimal intervention?
  • How do you ensure file systems and web applications are free of malware and viruses, not just when scanned, but all the time?
  • How do you protect systems from illegal infiltration without inconveniencing legitimate connections?

Let’s help answer these burning questions.

So what is the Imunify Products Family?

We can split them up into three distinct, but collaborative products.

  • Imunify QuickPatch
    Detects vulnerabilities in installed packages. Upgrade to Imunify QuickPatch+ to automatically fix them.
  • ImunifyAV
    A powerful and free malware scanner for websites. Upgrade to ImunifyAV+ to clean sites with one click.
  • Imunify360
    Complete, all-in-one, website security protection.

Together, they implement a complete security protocol using a simple, three-part strategy:

  1. Find:
    With accurate and fast detection of threats, minimizing or eliminating false-positives.
  2. Fix:
    One-click, trouble-free cleaning of malware and viruses.
  3. Protect:
    Powerful, permanent defense for websites against multiple attack vectors and threats.

Here’s how the components of the Imunify security suite implement this strategy.

Plesk Find


There’s no way of being sure a system is free from malware without first scanning it. On a typical hosting server, half to one third of websites are infected. And most infections aren’t detected for 200 days or longer. A full, thorough scan is essential to set a baseline for backup and restore in the event of infection.

  • ImunifyAV scans and detects malware and viruses on your system. It’s efficient, doesn’t load your system, and is fully-automatic. It scans files, detecting many kinds of malicious content: backdoors, web-shells, viruses, hacker tools, ‘blackhat SEO’ scripts, phishing and more. It validates your domain reputation by checking against blacklist providers.

Keeping a system updated is the most widely cited advice for improving system security. Many breaches are the result of the exploitation of unpatched vulnerabilities.

  • Imunify QuickPatch scans and detects outdated and vulnerable packages. Then, gives instructions on how to remedy any issues found.
Plesk Repair


Security’s too important to leave to human procrastination. Fixing issues automatically is the future. Hackers automate many attacks, so malware cleanup must have the same approach.

  • ImunifyAV+ is the premium edition of ImunifyAV. It scans and detects malware, then cleans it with a one-click operation. You get a full report of anything found, in the dashboard or via email.

If this sounds familiar, it should. CloudLinux acquired Revisium because it is the most efficient and accurate malware scanner around. The Revisium Antivirus engine was renamed ImunifyAV and integrated into Imunify360.

  • Imunify QuickPatch has a Premium version, Imunify QuickPatch+, which automatically resolves system configuration and package issues.

QuickPatch was previously Opsani VCTR, which they acquired because it fit perfectly into the: Imunify Products family. The rebranding of Revisium and Opsani VCTR will continue as we knit them more tightly into the Imunify Security Suite. But you can be sure they’ll lose none of their original power and versatility.

Plesk Protection


No single technology can protect against sophisticated and coordinated cyber attacks. That is the credo behind the multi-layer security model implemented in Imunify360. Scanning and detection are not enough. You also need the following.

  1. An intelligent, AI-powered web application firewall (WAF), with ‘herd immunity’ rules, built by gathering and collating threat intelligence info from around the world. It should be condensed into efficient blocking rules with a low rate of false-positives.
  2. An effective intrusion and protection system (IDS/IPS).
  3. ‘Proactive Defense’, which scans web application PHP traffic ‘in-flight’, detecting and killing any requests with malicious intent.

And you need everything neatly packaged with a management console. Providing centralized incident management, reputation management, full system backup and restore facilities.

Getting Started with Imunify360 is easy

  • Imunify360 can be used for 30 days for free.
  • ImunifyAV is the free, powerful, malware scanner, built for Plesk and other control panels.
  • Imunify QuickPatch is a free package health checking software.

You can install all these products in under a minute, and start working right away, with zero configuration required.

Going further with the Imunify Products Family

  • ImunifyAV+ takes your malware cleanup struggle away. It does it all for you in a single click. You can even upgrade from free ImunifyAV at any time.
  • Imunify QuickPatch+ checks installed packages and keeps them up-to-date, constantly and automatically.

Maintaining a high level of system security doesn’t have to be a full-time job. Hackers automate their attacks and your defense should be automated too. That’s the key principle behind the comprehensive protection components in the Imunify Products Family.

CloudLinux - Imunify Products Family - Plesk

About CloudLinux

Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, CloudLinux is on a mission to make Linux-based web servers more secure, stable, and profitable. With over 450 years of Linux experience, +4,000 customers and partners including Dell and LiquidWeb, and +250,000 product installations globally. CloudLinux has a deep knowledge of the web hosting industry. Plus a dedicated talent pool of security-focused kernel developers, and a passion for excellence in customer care.


  1. You stated, “The Revisium Antivirus engine was renamed ImunifyAV and integrated into Imunify360.”

    So, if I am using Imunify360 do I have all of the features of ImunifyAV, or do I need to subscribe to both?

  2. Hi Greg.
    I am trying to find out how much it cost for ImunifyAV+ for Plesk Obsidian Web Host Edition 18.0.53 – Ubuntu 22.x. Will one license cover me to protect multiple websites

    • Louis Vanfraechem
      Louis Vanfraechem Moderator

      Hi there,

      You can find the prices for our Plesk Web Host edition (VPS or dedicated, monthly or annual) here, and the price for imunifyAV+, annual or monthly can be found here. Hope this helps.

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