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The Digital Nomad’s 5 hour work day


The Surf Office organization hosted a swanky Barcelona rooftop event last month, where aspiring digital nomads got to hear insightful chats on the ups and downs of remote work while traveling. Tech entrepreneur Carlos Hernández (founder of shared his passion for spending 6 months of the year running his successful business from different European cities. Hernandez […]

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Plesk WordCamp weekend!


Last weekend the Plesk Americas team traveled over 5000 miles to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and then over to Raleigh, North Carolina on a whirlwind mission to get a taste of Brazilian samba and good old Southern US barbecue. Food and dance are wonderful things, but the real reason we traveled to such charming locations […]

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AutoScaling WordPress with Docker & AWS


Do you run your website with WordPress? You run your website with WordPress and ask yourself: “How many concurrent visitors can it handle?” What if your site is an e-Commerce? According to you lose 1% of sales with every 100ms longer loading time. Today, customers expect your page to load in less than 3s – in […]

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6 essentials on Docker containers


Docker is one of the most successful open source projects in recent history, it’s fundamentally shifting the way people think about building, shipping and running applications. If you’re in the tech industry then the chances you’re already aware of the project. We’re going to look at 6 key points about Docker. According to Alex Ellis, […]

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Plesk at JoomlaDay Germany 2016


This year Plesk is proud to be Gold Sponsor of Germany’s JoomlaDay, happening in the city of Leipzig, from the 16th to 17th September. The official Joomla! conference is an event created exclusively for Joomla! users and developers to meet, share their knowledge, expand their network, work on projects and of course, see friends. The conference is […]

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What’s new in Stack Overflow’s 2016 survey


Stack Overflow, perhaps the most prolific question-and-answer site for developers, conducts an annual survey of its user base. This year, more than 50,000 respondents in 173 countries contributed to the survey. Star Trek vs. Star Wars I deep dived into the huge amount of data to bring you the most surprising insights from it. Of […]

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Plesk expanding in China 

Last week, in collaboration with our local partner Racent, we announced two big launches with top hyper scalers in China, namely uCloud and AliCloud. Plesk Cloud Images are being released with 10 different flavours of OS–targeting web professionals and hosters. In these two marketplaces, Plesk Cloud Images offer a scalable, secure and ready-to-use-platform for hosters, web professionals and agencies. UCloud  A big name […]

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How to Deliver the Best UX as a Hosting Company


Plesk powers most of the top 100 hosters in the world and is used by more than 2.500 service partners. By working together with them on a detailed research project, we identified and analyzed many real life examples of poor user experience. UX is a term commonly used for the design of applications and websites […]

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