Web Hosting News: The latest for September

This month’s web hosting news includes a possible cyberthreat in the form of abandoned domain names. Then there’s Microsoft’s latest evolution – Azure DevOps. Meanwhile, Google Chrome is launching exciting new features for its 10th anniversary while Facebook and Google both invest in data centres. Last but not least, our partner RackNap wins the CRN Excellence Award. Read on for more info.

Abandoned domain names may pose a security risk

Abandoned domain names gives cybercriminals access to the previous owner’s email addresses, according to expert Gabor Szathmari. When a domain name expires, it goes into a reserved state for a period of time, allowing the recent owner to reclaim it. However, if no one reclaims the domain name, it becomes available for re-registration with no identity or ownership verification.

This poses a security risk which is not so well-known to cybersecurity professionals. The new owner can then take control of email addresses, receive sensitive email correspondence, and reset passwords to online services. Including personal and financial details, and client-legal privileged information.

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Microsoft’s Visual Studio Team Services evolves into Azure DevOps

With Microsoft’s acquisition of GitHub in June, its Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) now evolved into Azure DevOps. This service lets developers collaborate on code development and deployment. Azure DevOps will also include a development cycle that lets developers ship software faster and in higher quality.

Azure DevOps includes Azure Pipelines, Azure Boards, Azure Artifacts, Azure Repos and Azure Test Plans. All these open, extensible services allow developers to use a number of services together for a full DevOps solution.

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Google Chrome’s 10th anniversary brings new designing and coding features

Google is adding a number of new features to Chrome 69 as the company celebrates the 10th anniversary of Chrome browser.

For the 10th anniversary edition, Google is bringing support for CSS Scroll Snap allowing developers to create a slick scroll experience. Display cutouts aim to show cutouts and provide full-screen in Chrome for phones, with extra margins for full visibility. Web Locks API will allow developers to acquire a lock and hold it during work, before releasing it. This helps coordinate the use of shared resources.

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Facebook and Google invest in data centres

Facebook has announced plans for its first data center in Asia, with the $1 billion dollar facility in Singapore. Running entirely on 100% renewable energy. Additionally, Google will invest $140 million to expand its sole data centre in Chile. The new investment will triple the data centre’s size and create over 1,000 new jobs.

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RackNap wins CRN Excellence Award at Channel Leadership Summit 2018

RackNap, a business unit of ZNet Technologies Private Limited, was announced a winner at CRN Excellence Awards, under the Intellectual Property (IP) creation category. They help Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), ISVs and Distributors deliver their customers automated services. And manage their backend billing and business functions in a cost-effective manner.

The award identified and felicitated the solution for providers who, via technology or a combination of technologies, benefited their customers. The nominations were judged by CIOs and an editors’ panel from the team at CRN and Express Computer.

Read full story here

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