Web Hosting News: The latest for January 2019

In this web hosting news round-up for the start of the year, we see that Azure Availability Zones introduced in the Southeast Asia region. Meanwhile Kao Data’s London facility receives bandwidth services from euNetworks. SiteLock becomes Plesk’s preferred website security provider, while GitLab Serverless allow their workloads to run on any Cloud. And Gartner reveals the Top 10 Data Center Industry Trends for 2019.

Azure Availability Zone introduced in Southeast Asia region

Microsoft Azure‘s Availability Zone will now also be available in the Southeast Asia region. This in order to provide its Singaporean cloud users a higher-quality service. Azure Availability Zones (AZs) protect applications and data from any possible datacenter failures.

Patrik Bihammer, Cloud & Enterprise Lead for Microsoft Singapore stated, “Not only does this strengthen our cloud capabilities to meet the needs of our customers, including both public sector as well as corporate customers, this also builds upon our extensive cloud portfolio to enable customers to design resilient applications for comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) strategy.”

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SiteLock becomes a top Plesk Website Security Provider

SiteLock, a global website security solutions provider, has become one of the preferred providers for Plesk. Web hosts operating from Plesk will now be able to access a full range of security services for their websites. With malware protection and remediation solutions.

The range of services that Plesk users will now have access to include Patchman. This automatically detects and patches vulnerabilities at the server level. Also, Web Application Firewall (WAF) and SiteLock’s suite of website security solutions. Including scanners to automatically find and fix malware and vulnerabilities.

Read full story here.

Kao Data’s London Area Colocation Facility receives Bandwidth Services from euNetworks

Kao Data, a £200M colocation data center campus in the north of London, announced its plans to cooperate with Western European bandwidth infrastructure provider, euNetworks. This new infrastructure will allow the delivery of high-density fiber to reach the Kao Data center. Taking advantage of Harlow’s convenient location, it also offers an improved connection to Slough, the West of London, and the Docklands in East London.

“Massive data traffic increase is driving data center market growth. It is essential that Kao Data is investing in guaranteed access to the most advanced and dense data capability,” said Jan Daan Luycks, CEO of Kao Data. “This attracts customers from the widest base, from hyperscalers, financial, retail, media and enterprise.”

Read full story here.

Serverless Workloads to Run on any Cloud with GitLab Serverless

GitLab has introduced GitLab Serverless, giving enterprises the opportunity to run serverless workloads on any cloud. All the while using Google’s Knative. Using open-source Knative, the Kubernetes-based platform to build, deploy, and manage modern serverless workloads. Businesses can set up serverless functions and applications on any cloud or infrastructure right from GitLab UI. GitLab Serverless includes technology developed by TriggerMesh, as part of GitLab’s single application for the entire DevOps lifecycle. GitLab Serverless will be available in GitLab 11.6.

Read full story here.

Gartner’s Top 10 Data Center Industry Trends for 2019

Gartner, a world-leading information technology research and advisory company, has identified the Top 10 key technologies and trends impacting infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders within the cloud, hosting and data center industries.

Some of the top technologies and trends include; serverless computing; an emerging software architecture pattern that eliminates the need for infrastructure provisioning and management, AI impacts; which is set to be the core of digital business, network agility; which underpins everything IT does, from cloud services, Internet of Things (IoT), edge services, etc., with this impact going forward into 2019.

Read full story here.

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