New Plesk Extensions on the Loose: May Edition

Reporting the latest additions to the Plesk extensions catalog. All the extensions you see here are available to download or purchase as of the time of writing – May 2018. Inside this month’s edition, we highlight new ways you can improve speed and security of your websites and servers. In order to give you both peace of mind and better performance out of your web domains.

Juggernaut Security and Firewall

First of all, we have the latest member of the gang – Juggernaut Security and Firewall. An all-in-one security extension that Danami designed especially for the needs of power users and server-providers. This extension adds an extra layer of security. One that goes beyond the default settings that most users usually optimize for themselves.

Offering experienced sysadmins a wider range of features and increased flexibility. These advanced features include SPI firewall, brute-force protection, real-time connection tracking, intrusion detection, dynamic block lists and geo-blocking.

Juggernaut is a paid extension. And version 2.05 is now available in the Plesk catalog. You can try it for free for 15 days. Then you’ll get two free months when you sign up for annual billing.

Speed Kit

As a result of recent studies, we know that lower page load times directly link to an increase in traffic. Not to mention lower bounce rates. And hence, higher visitor retention on your website. All these things will eventually lead to higher conversion rates.

Speed Kit promises to boost your page loading speed by 50-300%. How? By re-routing web traffic through its caching infrastructure. Even more, it takes just one click to improve your website’s performance with Speed Kit.

After you install, the extension performs an in-depth speed analysis, determining the improvements that you should implement to boost your site’s metrics. When you store a copy of your site in the accelerated framework, users can access your page in an instant from their browser. Even when they’re offline.

Sucuri Security Scanner

Seems like Sucuri Security Scanner uses the public API of Sucuri SiteCheck to detect malicious elements on your website. In an effective way. This extension will let you schedule regular scans effortlessly. Thus, helping you monitor for malware all the time and receive timely notifications about your site’s status.

Sucuri Security Scanner includes the following features:

  • Detecting website malware infections.
  • Monitoring blacklist status.
  • Setting up scans as a scheduled task.
  • Receiving email notifications for security issues.
  • Viewing website security details and information.

Nimbusec Webhosting Security

And finally, we have Nimbusec. Another security monitoring extension for websites that you can find in our catalog. It will scan your website domains over and over again. And then report any potential threats on a centralized dashboard.

Nimbusec Webhosting Security can detect the following online threats:

  • Backdoors and web shells.
  • Overdue CMS updates.
  • Malware.
  • Defacement.
  • Blacklisting.
  • SSL certificate problems.

All in all, security should be a number one priority when maintaining your servers. So if you feel overwhelmed by all our security extension options, feel free to get in touch and chat.

And that’s all the extension news this month. Stay tuned for our next overview of latest available extensions in our June edition. Meanwhile, are you curious for more? Check out the 100+ more Plesk extensions we’ve got available in our catalog.

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