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Speed Kit

Makes Websites FAST!

Speed Kit is a one-click solution to accelerate your website.
By rerouting your web traffic through Speed Kit´s caching infrastructure, it achieves a performance boost of typically 50-300%.

Why Is Speed So Important?

Page load time is money.
Amazon has found that 100 ms of additional load time cost them 1% of annual revenue – over US$1 billion every year!
Similarly, Google has found that 500 ms of additional page load time make 20% of all users abandon their search request.
The other way around, GQ experienced 80% more traffic after improving page load time from 7 to 2 seconds.

Does Speed Kit Work For You?

Get a free performance analysis to learn how you can boost your page load time:

The Speed Kit Analyzer - Get your page speed score

The built-in Page Speed Analyzer (illustrated above) collects the following performance metrics for your website: domains, resources, response size, Speed Index, time to first byte, DOMContentLoaded, FullyLoaded, and Last Visual Change.
Thus, it shows you where there is room for improvement in your tech stack.

But the analyzer also shows you how Speed Kit can improve your performance right now:
To give you a feeling for Speed Kit's performance edge, the analyzer contrasts your current performance without Speed Kit (left) against the same website accelerated by Speed Kit (right) in a video comparison.

Speed Kit Explained

Watch this short video to learn how Speed Kit can help you boost conversion rate, decrease bounce rates, and improve other important business metrics:

Speed Kit helps you boost user satisfaction

How Does Speed Kit Work?

In a nutshell, Speed Kit stores a copy of your website on our superfast caching infrastructure:
Instead of fetching content from the original slow server, Speed Kit makes the browser of any user get the cached, accelerated copy.
To this end, Speed Kit activates a Service Worker in the browser which intercepts and reroutes some of the requests made while loading your website.
As a bonus, the Service Worker technology turns your website into a Progressive Web App by default!
Thus, your users can surf content that is already cached on their devices, even when they have lost their Internet connection.

In contrast to state-of-the-art caching approaches, Speed Kit exploits the user's browser cache in addition to a traditional CDN (Content Delivery Network).
This makes your website load in an instant!
To avoid stale data, we purge outdated copies of your content in our caches.
Behind the curtains, we use machine learning to identify those copies as fast as possible.
In addition, you can schedule periodic refreshes (default), refresh your content manually, or refresh your content programmatically by calling special API endpoints.

Who is Baqend?

Baqend develops a cloud service that uses innovative caching algorithms to minimize loading times of websites.
Publishers, shops, startups, and SMEs all face the challenge of competing with giants such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google.
Baqend provides them with a technical platform to not only catch up with the market leaders, but to turn page speed into their competitive advantage.
Baqend is based in Hamburg, Germany.

Requires17.5.3 and up
DeveloperBaqend GmbH
CategoryWeb Development
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