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How much do you really know? Take the Plesk SEO Toolkit Quiz | 5 Minutes

Are you sure you’re getting the most out of Plesk Onyx features? You may already know about our last Plesk release and one of its star integrations: the SEO Toolkit. But how much it can actually do for you? In this month’s quick Plesk SEO Toolkit quiz, we’ll test what you know about competing for rankings – and winning! Accept the challenge, then share with your friends and colleagues to compare 😉

Plesk Onyx and the SEO Toolkit

Needless to say that a proper SEO strategy is a key success factor for all online businesses. But it’s not easy standing out when there’s so much keyword competition. Moreover, customers want full transparency in order to trust you, and eventually, accelerate your online sales. Luckily here’s the Plesk SEO Toolkit extension to help you monitor keyword rankings and benchmark websites against competitors – all from one place. Watch and prepare for the Plesk SEO Toolkit quiz.

The Plesk SEO Toolkit Quiz

You’ve got 10 questions which should take you about 5 minutes to answer. Choose the best answers and get an instant score when you’re done. But no cheating! Otherwise, it doesn’t count 😉

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What’s your Plesk SEO Toolkit Quiz score?

Finally, how was it? What score did you get? Did you beat your friends? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter or Facebook.

But if you want to do better and get better, you can have a look at our free Plesk University course, dedicated to learning more about the the Plesk SEO Toolkit on Plesk OnyxThere may be something you’re missing.

Start by clicking the “Learn More” button below to get the course. Then complete it for your own Plesk Docker certificate. New to Plesk University? Then take a minute to sign up before you click “Get this Course” and get started.

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Ivan is Plesk's Education Manager, part of the team since 2004. After 9 years on the front lines of support, gathering knowledge & experience, he’s now sharing it with the world.
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    • Avatar
      desert safari offers

      SEO is something that I always wanted to learn and This Toolkit is really amazing Results. You just keep updating me. Thanks I will come back again..
      Imran Jenny

      • Javi From Plesk
        Javi From Plesk

        Imran, thank you for reading! Glad this was of use to you 🙂

    • Avatar
      خرید دستبند

      Thanks for this professional tool

      • Javi From Plesk
        Javi From Plesk

        Thank you for your kind feedback!

    • Avatar
      تخفیف کیش

      this is awesome tool
      i think seo is most important in a website
      thank you so much

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