The Acronis Backup Quiz: What’s your backup score?

How strong is your backup game? We’ve looked around, and when it comes to robust backup and disaster recovery solutions, it doesn’t get much better than Acronis. If you haven’t downloaded Acronis backup for Plesk yet, go ahead. If you have, you need to make sure you’re getting the most out of it and its features. Here’s an idea – Take The Plesk Acronis Backup Quiz below and test how much you know about backups. Then compare with your friends and see how you stack up. 😉

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Key Findings from the March Acronis Backup Survey

Current computer technology makes people think of a good security system as the only tool to protect all files and data. But there’s nothing infallible. We all need backups.  According to the World Backup Day Survey by Acronis, 31.4% of users never backed up their data in 2018.

Although more than 90% of consumers and enterprises create a data backup once a year, it’s not enough. We all need to get used to doing this more frequently. Acronis is one of the biggest providers of backup software and data protection solutions. They’ve even been learning about their users’ habits, worries and data loss experiences to improve their solution. So – what’s the best way to create a backup?

Acronis advise 3-2-1 rule for data protection

Over 60% of enterprises are concerned with crypto-jacking, social-engineering attacks or ransomware. This is a huge number of companies currently in danger of data compromise. So to make sure they all have their data under control, Acronis suggests IT managers use the 3-2-1 rule.

First off, businesses should create three copies of their most important data. Therefore, if disaster strikes, it will not delete the same content copy three times. Then, this data should be stored in two different formats, with one copy kept off-site. In fact, as many as 70% of users say they would pay $50 – $500 so as to recover data loss – which should tell us something about where our efforts should be 😉 .

On the other hand, almost 50% of Acronis survey participants have no idea about crypto-jacking, ransomware or social engineering attacks. Ultimately, suspicious email attachments and malicious links are the most popular techniques to attackers. Hence, our main advice would be to not open potentially infected content and not ignore the warning signs.

Keep updating your Operating System and apps

Old versions of your system and apps won’t have the same level of security as the latest updates. Attackers can access data in past systems way easier. Almost 45% of consumers have at least four devices at home – and 65% of them suffered data loss, either by themselves or family members. Can you imagine how much data could be stolen?

Top seven features of the latest Acronis Backup

  1. Send encrypted backups of all your data to an Acronis data center.
  2. Manage 8,000 devices from a single management server via a simple web interface.
  3. Detect crypto-mining malware, protecting network folders mapped as local drives.
  4. Create VM files from backup files, running on VMware Station and Microsoft Hyper-V.
  5. Add comments to protected machines and group or filter them using keywords.
  6. Easy setup for backup window and improved performance. Latest Acronis Backup reduces impact on running systems.
  7. Support for more operating systems, hypervisors and languages added to interface.

So, what was your Acronis Backup score?

Drop your Acronis Backup Quiz score in the comments below, or on Twitter or Facebook, and see how you stack up with your peers!

But if you want to do better, check out our free Plesk University course, dedicated to learning more about Acronis Backup. Start by clicking “Learn More” button below to get the course, then complete it for your own Acronis Backup certificate. New to Plesk University? Then take a minute to sign up before you click “Get this Course” and get started.

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