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Acronis Backup


Complete web server backup and granular recovery

The Acronis Backup extension for Plesk offers a complete backup solution for your web server, encompassing all websites and databases, securely stored in the Acronis cloud storage.

This backup ensures that in the event of a disaster, your web server can be efficiently restored to a fully functional state. Additionally, it allows for precise granular recovery of specific Plesk objects, such as accounts, domains, mailboxes, databases, and files.

Key features and functionalities

  • Full system backup and recovery to protect the entire server
  • Flexible scheduling options and on-demand backup jobs
  • Efficient incremental backups to minimize backup duration and reduce server resource consumption
  • Granular recovery of individual accounts, domains, databases, mailboxes, and files via the Plesk user interface
  • Self-service recovery option enables customers to independently restore their data using the Plesk user interface

Premium backup service for web hosting customers

The Acronis Backup extension provides web hosting providers with the flexibility to enable self-service recovery for either all or specific customer segments. Additionally, it allows providers to control the number of accessible recovery points based on the customers’ subscription level.

Install Acronis Backup extension

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