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Why our WP Toolkit now has Smart Updates powered by AI

More than 60k websites are victims of hacking every day. And since WordPress is the most popular CMS for building websites, it makes sense that these sites become the preferred target for malicious attacks. What about you – are you covered? Your current practices may be insufficient. Here’s where Smart Updates by AI come in. Available now on the latest WP Toolkit version.

Lack of WordPress updates: The danger is real

Each WordPress update contains important security notifications that make it harder for you and your sites to get hacked. But many users don’t keep WordPress up-to-date. Why? Wed can’t just nail it down to the WordPress community’s lack of care or effort to keep their sites secure and updated. Because that’s simply not true.

So, what is it that holds back certain updates? Well, web professionals and agencies alike know that every update implies the risk of breaking sites, causing downtime and making a lot of customers unhappy. And no one wants that!

Let’s cut out the middleman

Additionally, like many other administrative tasks, running WordPress updates is quite time-consuming. Especially if you do your best to mitigate potential risks. If you want to do it right, you need to:

  1. Create a back-up of your WordPress instances
  2. Copy WordPress to a test stage
    – because you should never apply changes to a production system!
  3. Run the update
  4. Test
  5. Push to production
  6. Test again
  7. Clean up
  8. Potentially more annoying stuff

There must be a simpler process, right? And there is folks! We thought of a smarter way to complete this important task while simplifying the lives of web professionals.

Introducing Smart Updates on Plesk’s WP Toolkit

Plesk Smart Updates powered by Deep Learning technologies makes it as easy as pie to stay secure and keep your WordPress sites up-to-date. Smart Updates run a staged simulation to analyze and verify the compatibility of each available update. It compares the before-after screenshots to check for differences, before applying the update to your production environment.

How Smart Updates works on WP Toolkit

Turn it on and let Smart Updates check whether the planned update will break your production site or is good to go. If an issue gets detected, WP Toolkit will send an Email comprising of an exact description of the issue and including corresponding screenshots.

It’s then completely up to you how you wish to proceed: apply the changes or simply reject them. Smart Updates will always send an alert in case of unwanted line breaks, missing pages or corrupt imagery and videos.

This feature is all part of the new Plesk Onyx update – generally available from April 10, 2018!

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  • Avatar

    Are you kidding me? The WordPress toolkit is feature which has to be payed – no you’re using this toolkit to display an extra button in every customer WordPress panel with the message: “you need to pay for an extra license to get the full advantage of this payed add on”.

    I would say:
    “This is just an other way Plesk helps you to spend more money for your control panel”

    Plesk is really expensive (and has just a few month ago increased the prices dramatically) and with every new version more and more overloaded with comericals (buy a new SSL cert as the “security advisor” claims that Let’s Encrypt is not good enough, but Kernel Care, buy Cloudflare, buy this and this and this too).

    Stop thinking that customers are just useful for squeezing out Dollars.

    If I buy a product I expect to buy something complete (in some cases options to extend my license are ok), but I don’t want a product which always shows commercials to spend more and more money just to get a good product .

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