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Top 5 Reasons to Sell Managed AWS Solutions

Public Cloud Providers are growing aggressively. So traditional infrastructure providers aren’t responding to new opportunities that rise from third party cloud offerings. According to Structure Research, managed third party cloud markets should reach $US25 bn by 2020! That’s why we want to give you, our Plesk Partner, 5 reasons why you should add managed AWS solutions to your current sales portfolio:

AWS solutions bring more revenue1. You’ll drive more revenue

Offering a managed Plesk on AWS, through the AWS Marketplace, is more than just a migration opportunity. This is your chance to serve a broader set of net new customers while increasing recurring revenues from your existing customers.

Global reach with Plesk on AWS2. You’ll go global

Local infrastructure offerings are important. But how do you respond to customers who need to go global? By adding Plesk on AWS solutions to your portfolio, you’re actually offering your customers everything they love about Plesk – but on a scalable infrastructure across 16 geographical regions and 44 Availability Zones.

Simplify AWS solutions for web professionals 3. You’ll simplify AWS solutions for web professionals

As a service provider and Plesk partner, you’re the infrastructure expert who understands Cloud, Cloud-based services and the technical details. Be the Cloud journey guide for web professionals – help them manage and scale their websites and applications. AWS is bursting with approximately 50 different services. Services which present immense opportunity to manage complexity on behalf of the growing web professional community.

Increase business opportunities with AWS solutions

4. You’ll increase business opportunities

AWS doesn’t monitor, support or consult – that’s where you can step in. As a Plesk partner you can actually sell a professional solution combined with your unique abilities. Managed services offer a huge range of additional recurring services that your customers want and need. Want some ideas? Here are a few:

  • Full Service Monitoring: You can provide this either based on your onsite tools or the AWS tools that you use.
  • Revenue Spin-offs: According to Structure Research, a high number of managed third party cloud customers were not doing business with the provider before entering into the managed AWS relationship. Those customers would happily pay a premium for unique service level agreements (SLA) or additional collocation services. And they’re not too hard to find either!
  • Local support: Can you speak your customers’ language? Then monetize this advantage. Provide them with the high quality local support they need. If you’re not selling the SLA – your nearest competitor will.
  • Consulting services: Give your customers the ability to do more for themselves. You’re the expert! Whether it’s a tailored setup on the complex AWS infrastructure, or a hybrid approach combining Plesk on AWS with your own data centre capabilities. So bundle your knowledge and become your customer’s Cloud evangelist. Happy customers will stay.

Increase migrations with AWS solutions

5. You’ll increase migrations

Let your customers benefit from your expertise and mitigate the risk. Help them to migrate to AWS and add a set of managed services to the deal. The Plesk on AWS promotion is only the cherry on top – the more servers you migrate, the more AWS computing credits we’ll provide.


Still sceptical? Wondering if there’s a meaningful upside potential? Well, we can tell you that, at Plesk, we truly believe it’s a must for infrastructure service providers to add managed third party cloud services to their portfolio. Because we know that:

Cloud is about how you do computing, not where you do it!

– Paul Maritz, former CEO of VMWare


Proud Pleskian and passionate about developing new Cloud businesses that are driving revenue growth. Hard to believe but I’m a marketing geek, too.


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