An introduction to Plesk Security Course: Part 1 [Video]

Plesk Security Course

Have you seen our brand-new Plesk Security Course? It’s fresh in our Plesk University catalogue since Sept. 25 – and free for all our users. We figured we’ll help spring you forward so you can make your Plesk server the most secure it can be.

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So let’s cover the basics. Here’s the first in a series of 3 quick videos that will bring you up to speed and achieve top security status for you and your customers.

The 3 security settings you need to adjust

Video: 1:17 minutes

What’s Going On in this Video

After installing Plesk, you need to do 3 important things:

1. Increase password strength

2. Restrict creation of DNS subzones

3. Enable prohibited domains list.

Increasing password strength

We recommend strong and very strong passwords. In this speedy guide, Plesk will help you and your customers create safer passwords with the right strength.

Restricting DNS subzones

We really believe preventing fraud and phishing should be one of our users’ top priorities. Follow the video to enable the DNS sunbzones restrictions. And this way, your customers won’t be able to create domains that look like subdomains of other customers’ domains. For example, if CustomerA owns, CustomerB won’t be able to create

Enabling prohibited domains list

No matter your business or website ambitions, you will need to protect yourself against mail interception. What is this? Well some unscrupulous customer may be able to create a domain like, or even your own domain ( on Plesk. This sucks because from that point on, mail addressed to these kinds of domains will be delivered to your local domain, and not the real one.

That sums up what you need to do right after installing Plesk. Changing these settings won’t affect objects that already exist on the server, like domains, passwords, and so on. Ready to get started? There’s more in our Plesk Security Course

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WordCamp Nijmegen Recap

Wordcamp Nijmegen 2017

Jörg and I have recently represented Plesk at WordCamp Nijmegen – the first ever Local event in The Netherlands. We were met by perfect organization, led by Taco Verdonshot. This paired with the high quality of the talks and speakers makes us hope this wasn’t a one-time edition.

Have a look at the cool, new Plesk Swag we entertained our attendees with. Our booth was surely emitting a fun atmosphere during the whole event.

Great WordCamp Community and Program

We were swept away by how welcoming the Dutch WordPress Community was and the varied program they gave us. There were speakers who even spontaneously switched their presentation from Dutch to English to accommodate the foreign attendees.

This WordCamp came with two tracks – and there was going to be something for everybody. From WordPress beginners to advanced developers.

So we kicked off – with Joost de Valk‘s keynote “5% voor de toekomst” (“5% for the future“). Joost took on all the different ways we can contribute to the open-source project that is WordPress.

Emceeing on the Nijmegen Stage

With pleasure, I introduced my husband, Alain Schlesser, who gave the Nijmegen audience valuable basics of OOP plugin development. Yet my more emotional moment on stage came after the last morning lightening talk by Yvette Sonneveld.

Yvette inspired us by sharing her experience and pleasure of volunteering at WordCamps. Then, she ended her contribution by thanking me for my support over the last two weeks. Support that I gave before her very first talk as a WordCamp speaker. Yvette even quoted me in her last slide and took me in for a big hug on stage.


The Next WordPress Generation in Nijmegen

Another WordCamp Nijmegen highlight for us was the engagement from our youngest WordPress enthusiasts. CoderDojo Nijmegen took them under his wing and they learned to build their first WordPress site during the event!

Thank you WordCamp Nijmegen

WordCamp Nijmegen and WordPress Contributor Day managed to ride the success of the Local Brighton event in the eyes of Plesk and myself. Check out all the fun we had in the photo recap below. Thanks for an awesome weekend Nijmegen and “Tot ziens!” (goodbye!)

Creative Commons License    Photographer: Carole Olinger for Plesk

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Maximise Your SMB Opportunities With BaseKit

BaseKit - the way to maximise SMB opportunities

The size and value of the SMB Market is soaring – and it shows no signs of slowing down. However, small businesses face multiple challenges. Successfully setting up and running a small business is expensive, time-consuming and laborious.

Small businesses rely heavily on the support and resources of larger companies to reach their goals. So hosting companies are responsible for powering their SMB customers with products that help them thrive in the digital world.

The New and Sophisticated SMB Market

SMBs are quickly turning to cloud technology. They need to feed their demands for increased productivity, efficiency and security for their business. Yet they struggle to find the right advice and solutions under the same roof. If we provide them with an innovative and valuable product, we can drive loyalty and increase retention. Gaining that consumer trust is key – especially in an industry that is constantly under price pressure.

We can do this by providing solutions that help grow their business, in an easy and familiar way. So small businesses need to move away from the dated products that are difficult to use. Also, social media has had a huge influence on small businesses. Now, they demand speed and and accessibility – anywhere, anytime. SMBs will instantly abandon anything that is not useful or mobile. And this is where you come in.

Be at the Centre of SMB Success

A top priority for any small business is having a web presence. So providing that opportunity with a sitebuilder ( e.g. BaseKit ) can be a genuine game changer. Busy SMBs are less likely to switch to another company after you’ve created their most valuable business asset – their website.

However, it’s important that SMBs associate your brand with forward-thinking services and an exceptional experience. Since this is sure to influence their future purchasing decisions and choose your company over your competition. May we offer a suggestion?

BaseKit’s Recent Integration with Plesk

Combining BaseKit with Plesk provides an ideal opportunity for hosting companies and small agencies. The Basekit sitebuilder helps them offer their customers an easy and cost-effective way of making their business flourish online.

Small Businesses can build their site, blog or online store from one integrated user interface via BaseKit – with no need for plug-ins or app downloads. All features retain full functionality on a wide range of iOS, Android, and Fire OS devices. Thus, making it perfectly geared towards on-the-go businesses.


Basekit believes the “partnership with Plesk has simplified product integration, allowing resellers to offer an intuitive sitebuilder in just a few clicks, whilst providing a great experience for end users.” You can find out more about the BaseKit extension, or simply download it, by clicking below.

Discover Basekit Extension

Top 5 Reasons to Sell Managed AWS Services

AWS solutions : top 5 reasons to sell them.

Public Cloud Providers are growing aggressively. So traditional infrastructure providers aren’t responding to new opportunities that rise from third party cloud offerings. According to Structure Research, managed third party cloud markets should reach $US25 bn by 2020! That’s why we want to give you, our Plesk Partner, 5 reasons why you should add managed AWS services to your current sales portfolio:

Managed AWS services bring more revenue1. You’ll drive more revenue

Offering a managed Plesk on AWS, through the AWS Marketplace, is more than just a migration opportunity. This is your chance to serve a broader set of net new customers while increasing recurring revenues from your existing customers.

Managed AWS services - get global reach with Plesk on AWS2. You’ll go global

Local infrastructure offerings are important. But how do you respond to customers who need to go global? By adding Plesk on AWS solutions to your portfolio, you’re actually offering your customers everything they love about Plesk – but on a scalable infrastructure across 16 geographical regions and 44 Availability Zones.

Simplify AWS solutions for web professionals 3. You’ll simplify managed AWS services for web professionals

As a service provider and Plesk partner, you’re the infrastructure expert who understands Cloud, Cloud-based services and the technical details. Be the Cloud journey guide for web professionals – help them manage and scale their websites and applications. AWS is bursting with approximately 50 different services. Services which present immense opportunity to manage complexity on behalf of the growing web professional community.

Increase business opportunities with managed AWS services

4. You’ll increase business opportunities

AWS doesn’t monitor, support or consult – that’s where you can step in. As a Plesk partner you can actually sell a professional solution combined with your unique abilities. Managed services offer a huge range of additional recurring services that your customers want and need. Want some ideas? Here are a few:

  • Full Service Monitoring: You can provide this either based on your onsite tools or the AWS tools that you use.
  • Revenue Spin-offs: According to Structure Research, a high number of managed third party cloud customers were not doing business with the provider before entering into the managed AWS relationship. Those customers would happily pay a premium for unique service level agreements (SLA) or additional collocation services. And they’re not too hard to find either!
  • Local support: Can you speak your customers’ language? Then monetize this advantage. Provide them with the high quality local support they need. If you’re not selling the SLA – your nearest competitor will.
  • Consulting services: Give your customers the ability to do more for themselves. You’re the expert! Whether it’s a tailored setup on the complex AWS infrastructure, or a hybrid approach combining Plesk on AWS with your own data centre capabilities. So bundle your knowledge and become your customer’s Cloud evangelist. Happy customers will stay.

Increase migrations with managed AWS solutions

5. You’ll increase migrations

Let your customers benefit from your expertise and mitigate the risk. Help them to migrate to AWS and add a set of managed services to the deal. 



Still sceptical? Wondering if there’s a meaningful upside potential? Well, we can tell you that, at Plesk, we truly believe it’s a must for infrastructure service providers to add managed third party cloud services to their portfolio. Because we know that:

Cloud is about how you do computing, not where you do it!

– Paul Maritz, former CEO of VMWare