Maximising SMB Opportunities With BaseKit

Maximise Your SMB Opportunities With BaseKit

The size and value of the SMB Market is soaring – and it shows no signs of slowing down. However, small businesses face multiple challenges. Successfully setting up and running a small business is expensive, time-consuming and laborious.

Small businesses rely heavily on the support and resources of larger companies to reach their goals. So hosting companies are responsible for powering their SMB customers with products that help them thrive in the digital world.

The New and Sophisticated SMB Market

SMBs are quickly turning to cloud technology. They need to feed their demands for increased productivity, efficiency and security for their business. Yet they struggle to find the right advice and solutions under the same roof. If we provide them with an innovative and valuable product, we can drive loyalty and increase retention. Gaining that consumer trust is key – especially in an industry that is constantly under price pressure.

We can do this by providing solutions that help grow their business, in an easy and familiar way. So small businesses need to move away from the dated products that are difficult to use. Also, social media has had a huge influence on small businesses. Now, they demand speed and and accessibility – anywhere, anytime. SMBs will instantly abandon anything that is not useful or mobile. And this is where you come in.

Be at the Centre of SMB Success

A top priority for any small business is having a web presence. So providing that opportunity with a sitebuilder ( e.g. BaseKit ) can be a genuine game changer. Busy SMBs are less likely to switch to another company after you’ve created their most valuable business asset – their website.

However, it’s important that SMBs associate your brand with forward-thinking services and an exceptional experience. Since this is sure to influence their future purchasing decisions and choose your company over your competition. May we offer a suggestion?

BaseKit’s Recent Integration with Plesk

Combining BaseKit with Plesk provides an ideal opportunity for hosting companies and small agencies. The Basekit sitebuilder helps them offer their customers an easy and cost-effective way of making their business flourish online.

Small Businesses can build their site, blog or online store from one integrated user interface via BaseKit – with no need for plug-ins or app downloads. All features retain full functionality on a wide range of iOS, Android, and Fire OS devices. Thus, making it perfectly geared towards on-the-go businesses.


Basekit believes the “partnership with Plesk has simplified product integration, allowing resellers to offer an intuitive sitebuilder in just a few clicks, whilst providing a great experience for end users.” You can find out more about the BaseKit extension, or simply download it, by clicking below.

Discover Basekit Extension

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Simon Best
Simon Best is CEO and co-founder of Basekit and has established a successful portfolio of web-based companies. He’s a true web expert and knows how to make sites that work perfectly, from base code to flawless finish.
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    hi …what is SMB and what usager???thank you

    • Avatar

      Hi Sajjad,

      When we say “SMB Market”, we mean the “Small and Medium-sized Business Market“.
      Since these companies are restricted when it comes to personnel and resources, they rely on bigger companies and hosters for support.
      This article is targeted towards hosting companies who support these kinds of businesses. How they can provide opportunities and solutions.
      One of such solutions is the Basekit Extension on Plesk.
      Have a read, it may prove useful. Hope we’ve answered your question – let us know!

      The Plesk Team

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