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Vagrant is the solution for virtual machine environments creation and management in a single workflow. Because of significant focus on automation, Vagrant minifies development environement setup time and increases production parity. To make Vigrant magic affect the reality, it stands…


Virtualizor’s potent web-based control panel makes it possible for users to enjoy single-click deployment and deal with the ongoing management of virtual private servers. It supports billing by the hour for KVM, LXC, OpenVZ, Proxmox, Virtuozzo, and Xen. Virtualizor’s billing…


VMmanager is a handy tool that gives you a single location from which to manage all of your network and computing resources, so you can deploy your company services in the virtual space with convenience and control. Blend your company’s…

XEN Orchestra

Xen Orchestra is a web app designed to handle Xenserver administration, management, backup solution, and cloud initiator. Designed as a user-friendly interface, Xen Orchestra gathers all the tools you need under one banner to handle all your infrastructure needs. Administration…
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