VMmanager is a handy tool that gives you a single location from which to manage all of your network and computing resources, so you can deploy your company services in the virtual space with convenience and control.

Blend your company’s network storage and physical servers into one cluster that helps boost service efficiency for your business.

You can set up a virtual server in only 2 minutes, and a container in just 3 seconds. Live migration is just as fast.

Comprehensive Control at Your Fingertips

VMmanager unshackles your productivity. No more installing a control panel for every cluster, because it makes short work of integrating hundreds of clusters and shouldering the workloads of thousands of VMs without breaking a sweat.

Fault silos

The services on this platform work independently, so if one system goes down the platform still functions, and if the unthinkable should happen, Ceph storage has your recovery totally covered.

Total Infrastructure Control

VMmanager uses a metrics collection system to gather data on the virtual infrastructure and a visualization tool that presents administrators with a customizable overview of how the system is performing.


The simplicity of the interface lowers the bar to entry, making the platform accessible for users of all ability levels.

Ongoing Improvement

The VMmanager team updates the platform twice a month to include the features that users ask for and to stay on top of market trends.


All virtual machine life cycle operations are automated.

Please note that technologies described on Wiki pages are not necessary the part of Plesk control panel or its extensions.

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