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Cron Jobs

Simple, repetitive tasks figure a lot in the day-to-day lives of a web and database server admins. Time and again they are required to make backups or message users with updates. So, just as a Windows system has its “scheduled…


The word Firewall takes its name from the world of architecture, where it means a partition made of fireproof material. In the world of computers and networking, a firewall also helps to stop you getting burned, by keeping outsiders breaking…


In essence, GitHub is an online service that hosts software development projects and project code. If your project is open source, you can use GitHub for free – if you have a private, commercial project you can choose from a…

Joomla! Toolkit

Just like all other content management systems Joomla! is a platform that requires regular maintenance, updates and non-stop protection against security attacks. It’s just the nature of today’s websites. Thankfully the Plesk Joomla! Toolkit makes the process of keeping your…

On-Demand Services

The concept of on-demand services dovetails neatly with cloud computing, which allows VM or server provision to be accessed cheaply and easily, and once again it’s Linux’s ability to scale quickly at low cost that powers this innovation.

WordPress Toolkit

WordPress is really easy to use and broadly secure but expert website managers will know that WordPress management still requires time, while maintaining full WordPress security is becoming more and more difficult. Besides, as WordPress has grown, the CMS has…
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