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Sitejet: Web Design Platform for Agencies

Easily collaborate with your team and customers to build, manage, and launch websites.

Sitejet's high-performance content management system allows you to create beautiful and responsive websites and was built by web designers for teams who focus on extraordinary, cost-effective results. Streamline your web design process with intelligent workflow automation through Sitejet's status, ticket, to-do, time tracking, and file management system—which can save you a ton of valuable time. Gathering project details, files, and feedback to boost your productivity has never been easier. Whether you're creating one or thousands of websites—Sitejet's is built to keep you in complete control of your web design business. Optimize your internal and external communications through Sitejet's, and benefit from our dedicated customer success team.


Benefits for Digital Agencies

  • Scale Your Agency: Easily scale a web design business and save up to 70% in management and design time.
  • Multi-User & Permissions: Work with your team members by adding them to your processes and assigning tasks.
  • Whitelabel Platform: Impress your customers and team members with a professional tool branded with your corporate identity.
  • Customer Collaboration: Collect client design preferences through a predesigned survey, and enable customers to directly communicate change requests.

Benefits for Freelance Designers

  • Become More Profitable: Save up to 70% in management and design time to allow you to enhance other aspects of your business.
  • Full Design Flexibility: Use countless customization features and modify HTML, CSS, and JavaScript at your leisure.
  • More Time for Creativity: While Sitejet's focuses on reducing or automating monotonous, recurring tasks—you have more time to expand your creativity.
  • Manage Customers Efficiently: Customize and control your web design business to optimally respond to customer communication and needs.

Benefits for Marketing Teams

  • Scale Your Lead Generation: Build, run, and manage your landing pages and save up to 70% in management and design time.
  • Multi-User and Task Management: Provide team and client access to landing pages with different permissions.
  • Fast Landing Page Creation: Use speedy shortcuts, an intuitive WYSIWYG editor, beautiful templates, and a cutting-edge page generator.
  • Whitelabel Option: Add custom branding to the Sitejet's platform to deliver superior service to clients, contractors, and shareholders.


Feature   Professional   Team   Agency
Domains/Websites 1 30 unlimited
Publish via Plesk
Sitejet Website Editor
Automatic Website Generator
Customer Website Feedback Tool
CMS for your Customers (Simplified)
Ticket System for Change Requests
Website Export (Zip-File)
Multi-user & Permissions Max 3 users Max 10 users
White-Label Tools (Branding & Domain)


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